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May 28, 2012

Things We Should Build Memorials For (Since It’s Memorial Day) [The Weekly 10]

Being that it's Memorial Day, I got to thinking about things I think there should be memorials for, things that we college students love or can't live without.

Mar 24, 2012

What Happened to Romance?

What happened to wooing? What happened to a guy and a girl getting together for a date and getting to know each other? What happend to calling a girl to speak to her instead of sending an endless stream of texts? Why are guys trying to arrange and cancel dates via Facebook? It's awkward and unnatural, and honestly, kind of cowardly. And completely unromantic.

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Mar 18, 2012

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop

Is Facebook replacing resumes? • Do you still care about academic honesty? • 4 foods to boost your mood • Are college freshmen academically prepared? • Things you should know before studying abroad

Mar 11, 2012

Campus Scoop

Using light to brighten up your dorm room • How college presidents embrace technology • Required on scholarship apps: your Facebook password? • Shopping on a college budget

Mar 4, 2012

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop

• How to become the teacher's pet (if you so desire)

• Tips for staying healthy in college

Start your own business!

• The Top Five Reasons why Student Elections Are Stupid

• How to get the most out of your elliptical workout

Feb 26, 2012

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop

• Easy ways to keep your dorm smelling fresh • Innovative ways to make moneySeventeen reasons to love Freshman year • Top Ten Worst College Mascots • Fun nail polish trends to try!

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Feb 19, 2012

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop

Top 5 online dating tips for college students • 17 tips for studying abroad! • A Linsperation to minority groups! • New age wisdom for the college girl • Pin tabs to save sites you always use • Sex on a plane!

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop

•How to avoid watching The Notebook over and over again on V-Day

Studying abroad? Here are some tips!

•Five mistakes you made last semester and how to fix them

•Seven spring semester study tips

Feb 12, 2012

Friday Faves: 5 Common Roommate Problems — and How to Deal with Them

Living with other human beings is hard. Like really hard. And sometimes if it's your best friend, it's even harder. How do you tell someone you love that they need to do their own dishes and turn the TV volume down and stop having loud sex every single night. We feel you. In fact, we are you and that's why we're giving you some solutions.

Feb 10, 2012

Silly Things College Freshmen Say [Photos]

Oh, to be a freshman again. I remember the days when I bought every single book for all of my classes, tried my best to finish all the reading assignments, and got the phone number of every single new person I met. I still have tons of random names in my phone. This new College Freshman meme is taking me back to those days. Here's the best of the College Freshman meme – see anything you recognize?

Feb 2, 2012

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Jan 30, 2012

The Weekly Ten: Laugh a Little

I bought a day-by-day calendar all about being assertive and basically saying "No, thank you" more (but without the 'thank you' part). And by "assertive," I mean it's filled with hysterical quotes about how it's okay to be super-bitchy, because we all have those day/moments/weeks/lifetimes...when we need to insert an extra NO! into one thing or another.

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Jan 29, 2012

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop

• The perfect book-buying solution. • Tips for studying abroad. • The girly girl's sports talk survival guide. • An amazing quick and easy study break snack. • 4 home exercise essentials -- perfect for dorms! • Ways to stay safe online.

Jan 24, 2012

Lessons from a Second Semester Senior

As I write this, I am about to embark on my final semester of my college career. Weird, right? It almost seems like yesterday when I was a little freshman moving in to my dorm. Except for the growth part, a lot has changed in these three and a half years. I’ve learned the hardships of picking the right classes and managing my social life and my studies, but it was all worth the ride.

Jan 23, 2012

The Weekly Ten: Summer Fever

As a New Englander you would think I would be one of the many supporters of winter. After all, I used to figure skate and bring my inner tube to the Seven Hills, but somewhere (I blame junior year of college; not sure why) I turned. Maybe it was when I fell in love with all the wonderful things summer had to offer, maybe it was when winter started taking over half of the year.

Jan 16, 2012

The Weekly Ten: Best Movies for a Snugglefest

I know a thing or two about snuggling, mostly learned from John Stamos...but I digress. There is nothing more complimentary to a good snuggle then a great movie. So here are some movies that will have you jonesin' for another snow storm...

Jan 15, 2012

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop

•Enhancing your college education with Google •The key to staying healthy on campus •5 ways to create your own personal brand •Everything you need to study abroadForeign remedies for the common cold •Go from class to a night out in colorblock

Jan 2, 2012

Weekly Ten: New Year’s Resolution You’ll Want To Keep

Yeah, we've all been there. And we all know resolutions last about three weeks in. It's not your fault, it's hard to stick to change...especially a lot of drastic changes. So, to put you on the path to resolution success here are ten ideas that will not only guarantee a positive outcome, but also make you feel a tad better about yourself. Plus, who can say that they actually followed through with their New Year's Resolution?

Dec 26, 2011

The Best Top Ten Lists You Read This Year

While we're looking back at all the wonderful moments (and the not so wonderful ones, i.e. that time you threw up in your new boyfriend's bed) here are a few articles that made my year just a smidgen better. I know for a fact after reading them you'll feel ten thousand times better about all of your not-so-great moments of 2011.

Dec 18, 2011

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop

• Winter break can get boring, so make something cool

• Turns out us college kids aren't super greedy, we still want our perfect job

Why try these fun winter activities this year?

• The amazing confessions of an English teacher in South Korea

• Simple ways to save money while in college

• Yummy! Holiday brain food

Dec 18, 2011

Maybe Students Need A Reality Check

Earlier this week, Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of Vermont was suspended after new members responded to a fifteen question document. A questionnaire sounds harmless enough, right? Wrong. One of the questions was, "If you could rape someone, who would it be?".

Dec 16, 2011

Friday Faves: It’s the Little Things That Matter in College

Neverending class work, nonstop relationship (or lack thereof) shiz, grad school applications, a dwindling bank account...the day-to-day worries of our college years often weigh us down. But too often, we stress about the big issues and totally forget about the little things that make our daily routines bearable...or even great!

Dec 15, 2011

People Will Say Anything For A Hook-Up

“So…are we gonna hook-up or what?” Ah, another poor soul lost to the epidemic I refer to as “The Death of Subtlety.” It was a fabulous time (read: three days) we spent together. He was good-looking, kinda funny, not too much of a other words, a total catch. And then, as we lay in each other’s arms on the musty couch, he uttered that fateful question. Sigh.

Dec 11, 2011

Recipe for a Great Morning Recap Sesh

A brunch recap sesh is the perfect only way to end an epic weekend. It's absolutely essential to make sure all parties are aware of the ridiculous things that happened Thursday through Sunday. After four years of recapping embarrassing, hilarious and truly epic weekends, I think I've nailed down a few key elements to make sure that you experience the ultimate brunch recap session every single Sunday.

Dec 11, 2011

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop

• Freshmen recap: what I learned first semester • How to score the best college scholarshipOne-serving recipes made for the broke college kid • Awkward Christmas break interactions16 new and exciting ways to eat Ramen noodles • Dress like Pippa!

Dec 4, 2011

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop

•Preserve your smartphone's battery life •The evolution of classroom technology •Find the perfect scholarship for you •How has college changed since your parents went? •Making a pumpkin latte from your dorm! •Why weekend work is overrated

Dec 3, 2011

Brandyn Burnette’s Mashup of Bruno Mars and Gavin Degraw

Have you ever been stuck in a funk that, even though your friends are concerned and your finals are creeping up, you really just don’t want to get out of it just yet? Like you just want to crawl into your Snuggie with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and while listening to a song that articulates your inexpressible feelings so perfectly?

Nov 19, 2011

Easy Ways to Stay in Touch with the News

As an overworked college student, it can be hard to pay attention to the off-campus world. You are struggling to keep up with your courseload and you’re expected to keep up with international developments too? It is tempting to retreat to the library, glue your nose to a textbook and forget about world issues.

Nov 6, 2011

An Ode to Red Cups

If red cups could talk, If red cups could talk, about the places they’ve been--the things they’ve seen--the games they’ve played. No one ever shows them recognition or praise

Nov 5, 2011

Top 10 Best College Theme Party Ideas

It's safe to say that costume and theme parties are one of the biggest parts of college life. After all, college is one of the few times in life where you can get away with dressing in crazy costumes, and convincing your friends to do the same, on a regular basis. I mean, how often do your parents talk about going to an ABC party?

Nov 4, 2011

Friday Faves: Should Blackout Mistakes be Forgiven?

"So can anyone tell me what went down last night?" Ahh, the magical college blackout. These words have become way-too-familiar over the past few years I've spent at this fine academic institution. Sunday mornings - Gatorade and a McDonald's breakfast sandwich in hand - I sit in my living room with my roommates, attempting to piece together the events from the night before.

Oct 29, 2011

Nicole Richie Asks Girls Not to “Dress Slutty” This Halloween

It’s finally here: Halloweekend 2011. And though many choose to witty, creative or innovative with their costumes (like building a fully-functioning digital camera costume), most choose to simply…wear less. But Nicole Richie is not okay with that option.

Oct 17, 2011

The Weekly Ten: My Hipster Halloween

My original plan, for this year, was to be Ruth from "Hey Arnold." It fits my obscure rule: The more times I can scoff and say "What, you don't know who I am?" the better. And when I find someone who does know who I am...well, we become best friends for the night. Then I found a pretty dress so I'm being a fairy...I know. So as inspiration for the rest of you go-all-outters for Halloween here are my ten favorite dorky-hipster-internet themed costumes.

Oct 16, 2011

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop

•3 ways to stay current on campus news •Can you be pals with your professors? •Surviving your first midterms •How you can start working smarterCollege terms defined, from A to Z •Keep your technological world organized •The top five grocery items to buy generic

Oct 12, 2011

Ask a Roommate: To Have and To Mold

So what's the deal with establishing laws of the communal roomie fridge? Is it safe to chuck someone's stuff when the expiration date has passed? Tune in to this week's Ask a Roommate and see what Marysa has to say!