College Roommate

Mar 30, 2021

10 Gift Ideas For Friends or Roommates For Easter

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Aug 9, 2019

8 Tips For Living With A Roommate For The First Time

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Sep 21, 2017

British Students Just Realized Americans Have To Share Their Dorm Rooms

“Americans fork out so much for uni and then have to share a room.”

Sep 1, 2017

Why Having A Random Roommate Is The Best

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Oct 8, 2015

21 Signs You're Married To Your Roommate

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Sep 27, 2015

13 Signs You're the Worst Roommate Ever

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Mar 29, 2015

Why You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Your Roommate

She agrees to have wine night with you on a random Tuesday…then proceeds to cry/vomit all night long and keep you awake.

Mar 26, 2015

5 Reasons You'll Always Love Your Freshman Roommate

Whether you two were besties at first sight, or got there slowly, your freshman roommate is someone you'll always have a soft spot for.

Mar 18, 2015

8 Simple Rules For Choosing Your Next Roommate

Choose someone who has the same shoe size as you do….