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College Students

Oct 31, 2015

15 Dogs That Explain Our Mid-Semester Emotions

Dogs are straightforward and explanatory.

Sep 14, 2015

14 Stages Of Your College Mid-Life Crisis

College Mid-Life Crisis: realization a student undergoes upon entering junior year that graduation is not far.

Jul 21, 2015

10 Reasons Every College Student Should Take An English Class

You didn’t know medieval literature was a thing nor did you know that there is a difference between British and American Romanticism.

Feb 21, 2013

6 Ways College Students Will Inevitably Abuse Google Glass

he new technology is basically a smart phone that's hidden, capable of taking pictures and videos at anywhere, at anytime, and of anyone. Walking down the street and feel the need to share the view with someone? All you have to say is "Okay, Glass, record a video" and you will instantly be recording your surroundings.

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Sep 6, 2012

‘[8] Ways [College Students] Think Differently’

We recently stumbled upon this article, "21 Ways Rich People Think Differently." In the article, the author describes how rich people think versus how the average person thinks. We thought it would be fun to put on our spin on it college style! Here are our ways that college students think differently. Let us know how you think!

10 Reasons I’d Let My Professor Sit At The Cool Table

You walk into “The Application of Platonic and Hegelian Ethics to Business” (It’s exhausting just saying the name, isn’t it?), an extra credit symposiums, take your seat between the girl who raises her hand every five seconds and the guy who comes to class only to fall asleep, pull out your books and suppress a yawn.

Apr 12, 2011

CollegeCandy Readers are Making a Difference

College girls are doing really amazing things both in and out of the classroom. Things that should be recognized and celebrated. And after receiving emails from some college women making a difference on a global scale, we decided we're going to do just that. Not just to give them a virtual pat on the back, but to introduce the rest of you to these awesome organizations so you can use them and tell your friends to do the same.

Apr 10, 2011

Politicians Every College Student Should Know

Thanks to all the technology that’s out today, I always have the latest information. Facebook events spread the word about the parties, Twitter feeds fill my day with celebrity updates, and text messages make it easy to whisper gossip directly to anyone’s inbox. But all that is just about my world. Who are the people I should know, the ones who are really making the news?

Apr 7, 2011

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Mar 27, 2011

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop

• Turn your dorm room into a spaTwitter tips for college students seeking work • How to avoid being a drunken mess • Are Facebook memorials a part of campus life now? • Student writes thesis about Goosebumps • Here's why you should go to summer school • Guess who has the best dorms in the nation?? • Conquer your next interview

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Mar 4, 2011

What Would You Do With $15?

College kids are thriftier than anyone else in the entire world. No one else can stretch a dollar further than us. Between dollar beer night and "free pizza for coming to a meeting" night, it's possible to live on very little. Even more so, when your entire wardrobe consists of sweatpants.

Feb 1, 2011

Are You A Social Media Oversharer?

Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr have (sadly) become a drug to our generation (and to our parents, all of a sudden). While social media definitely has its perks, it also has many cons, and I’m not just talking about how easy it is for my entire family to become friends with me and comment on every one of my statuses.

Jan 28, 2011

True Story: I Have Melanoma

It was a cold day in November when I got the phone call from the dermatologist telling me my results were back and I needed to come into the office the same day. As I put down the phone, I looked at my boyfriend and nervously laughed and said, “Well that can’t be good.”

Nov 10, 2010

Plan Ahead to Avoid the Post-Thanksgiving Crunch

When the hell did November get here? That is what I want to know. Seriously, just yesterday I was telling y'all how to prepare your brains for August and get back into the school mode. And now it's November. How did that happen and how can I make it stop?

Oct 20, 2010

The Lost College Stereotypes

According to an article on Gawker, there are only three types of students left in college: the snob, the dropout, and the cheater. We at CollegeCandy found this analysis to be total bullsh*t spewed by someone who hasn't seen the inside of a lecture hall in 10+ years rather flawed, for it omitted several all-too-common college students.

Oct 13, 2010

College Students Drink and a Few More Obvious Studies

So the current issue of Psychology of Addictive Behaviors (which sounds like a very legit publication) released a study that I think you’ll find quite interesting. “Interesting” in that you wouldn’t have expected the results, not in a million years, and that your life will be forever changed. Okay, are you ready for me to enlighten your narrow, sheltered mindset? Here’s their big finding: “Students who go abroad while in college are likely to increase or even double their alcohol intake while they're away.”

Oct 13, 2010

New LinkedIn Feature Helps Students Build Career Paths

As hopefully all of you know, LinkedIn is a professional networking website that allows those looking for jobs, especially college students, to create profiles and look for business and career opportunities. It's a really fantastic service, and if you haven't signed up yet, you definitely should.

Oct 4, 2010

Weekend Getaway: Boston

Beantown. The Walking City. The Cradle of Liberty. Boston is not only one of the oldest cities in America, but it’s also one of the most memorable. Looking for a getaway unlike any other? Come spend a few days trying to see everything this city has to offer. We say trying, because seeing this amazing city in one weekend is close to impossible -- but here are my recommendations on all the things you gotta see.

Sep 30, 2010

The Starting Line: Label-less Me

In high school, I had a clear label. I was Ms. Student Government, Ms. Good Grades, Ms. Overachiever. And even though all of our years of primary schooling have told us that labels are totally, totally terrible and that we should define people by their true selves and inner lights, etcetera, Oprah wisdom, etcetera...

Sep 29, 2010

Candy Dish: Britney Takes Over Glee

Let's watch the best scenes again! • 5 things you gotta experience before you graduate. • Tim Gunn has something to say about EVERYONE. • Old men are creepy (via the New York Times). • 5 single girl traits to re-learn after a break up. • Dirty little secrets we ladies keep from men.

Sep 20, 2010

We’ve All Been There: The Drunken Email

The boy you love just broke your heart, so your girlfriends decide that drinking is in order. Because nothing numbs the pain quite like a few shots of SoCo. Together with your roommates, you pick out a super hot outfit (consisting of some combination of low cut top/push up bra), take a few pre-gaming shots and head out the door to either “show him what he’s missing,” or “forget about that prick.”

Sep 20, 2010

A Day in the Life of a College Student

A few days ago, The Huffington Post provided its readers with a BLS pie chart that depicted the daily schedule of the average college student. Apparently, we are barely grooming, sleeping 8+ hours, and living "pretty awesome" lives.

Sep 13, 2010

College Won’t Get You a Job, But It’s Still Worth It

Recently, there have been several stories questioning the worth of a college education. Are we paying too much for a future that consists of scanning the classifieds for low-skilled work in flannel jammies while spooning Ben and Jerry’s into our higher-educated bodies?

Aug 21, 2010

Saturday Read: 4 and a Half Books for Back to School

Since school is right around the corner, I thought I'd give a list of some of my favorite inspirational and informative books for school. Whether they help you in deciding your major or cooking up a mean dinner, these books are a college student's best friends (next to the microwave, Vitamin Water and Jersey Shore).

Jul 7, 2010

No One’s Studying Anymore, Study Says

For every hour a student is in class, he or she should be studying for two. That’s what they say, but is that what you do? The Huffington Post reports that students today are studying drastically less than their predecessors.

Jun 28, 2010

College Q&A: I Don’t Want to Live With My B.F.F.

Help! My best friend from home has just informed me that she’s transferring to my school in the fall. (I knew she applied and I’m so excited to have her there, but she was on the wait-list and just found out). Anyways, she doesn’t really know that many people at my school and doesn’t want to live with all the freshmen in the dorms, so she asked if there was any extra space in my house for next year.

Jun 11, 2010

My Life As… A Double Major

Most college students struggle to complete one degree in four years, often taking an extra football season to finish or going on the five-year plan. Well, imagine trying to get two degrees in four years. And being in a sorority. And working. And having a boyfriend. And trying to maintain social skills. And watching Glee every Tuesday. Seems crazy right? Welcome to my life.

Jun 1, 2010

Study Says Our Generation Isn’t Ready for the Real World

Somehow, the girl who always comes stumbling into your 9 a.m. with uncombed hair and smelling of vodka from the night before turns out to be the only one in the class with an A. Other times, the guy who always cuts class or, if he actually manages to show up, winds up falling asleep is the only one in the class who actually managed to get an internship this summer. Basically, in a nutshell, looks may be quite deceiving.

May 15, 2010

You Can Be The Change

I’ve been in college for the past three years with one main goal in mind: to get my bachelor’s, get a graduate degree, and then get a job that would let me get involved in human rights advocacy. I have this grandiose plan that I’ll save the world. One day, anyway. Last month, though, I realized that the “one day” was what was holding me back.

Mar 25, 2010

Study Says: Drinking Doesn’t Affect Academic Performance

We all are victims of the classic college dilemma: huge party at night, big test in the morning. The modern day “to be or not to be.” We don’t want to risk being hungover for our test, but missing our roommate’s cousin’s girlfriend’s younger brother’s birthday is totally not in the cards. We go back and forth weighing the pros and cons, slowly being sucked in by peer pressure.

Mar 18, 2010

College Students Say: We Want Gay Marriage

While an older generation calls the shots in Congress, in most states, gay marriage still illegal. According to a study by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, 65 percent of college freshman surveyed were in favor of gay marriage. The findings revealed that even a large majority of students classified as far-right were also supporters.

Mar 7, 2010

The Morning After: 4 Roommates, One Bad Night

Everyone in college can recall their "worst night" (the night they end up passed out in a pile of woodchips, or walking home at 8AM with a banana costume on), but unfortunately for us, all four of my roommates had ours on the same night.

Nov 11, 2009

Should Colleges Favor Guys?

According to NPR, colleges are favoring male applicants ahead of female candidates, in order to keep schools from becoming overwhelmingly female. Other than being a seemingly blatant violation of Title IX, I can't quite figure out if this is good or bad.