Aug 4, 2021

Simone Biles Earns Bronze Medal After Return To Olympics

The Tokyo Olympic Games have been going strong for the last couple of days, and as day 12 has started,...

6 Situations I'd Like to Do-Over and Say the Right Thing

30 Rock did a live episode last night. Actually, they did two – one for the East Coast and one for the West Coast. This got us thinking back to all the times we wished we could have had a "do-over." Especially in arguments and confrontations. It seems like we always think of the best comebacks after the fact.

Apr 27, 2012

Lindsay Lohan's Life Begs for a Drinking Game

Just after we got all excited about LiLo going back to her red hair, she went and proved that she's still a red hot mess. Looks like LiLo has jumped off the comeback train and purchased one-way ticket to crazy town. We have a feeling we know what might happen, so get your drinks ready and check out the official CollegeCandy Lindsay Lohan drinking game.

Mar 14, 2012

Mar 9, 2012

LiLo Goes Back to Her Roots, Literally [Photos]

Guys, Lindsay Lohan is about to have a real comeback. Not just semi-decent SNL hosting, but a full-on comeback. How do I know? She finally dyed her hair red again!

Mar 7, 2012

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Making a Comeback [Photos]

The other day, as I was walking down the street, I noticed an ad on the side of a bus. It was a huge picture of a scantily clad woman lounging on her side. First, this reminded me of the Sex and the City opening sequence, when a bus drives by with a picture of Carrie on it. But it wasn't Sarah Jessica Parker in the picture. It was another lady who goes by all three of her names – Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Oct 19, 2010

Celebrities That Deserve a Cameo More Than Mel Gibson

I was so excited for the Hangover 2 to come out next year. So excited. Like already have my tickets, waiting in line starting now excited. And then news broke that a certain celebrity was going to be making a cameo in the sequel, much like Mike Tyson did in the original. Except this celebrity isn’t a boxing legend with a drug problem. It’s a middle-aged white guy with rage issues. Mel Gibson.

Dec 10, 2008

Let it Rock: No Car Crashes With This Week’s New Releases

Maroon 5- Call and Response (The Remix Album) While we anxiously await the release of some new music from Maroon...

Dec 3, 2008

Let It Rock: This Week’s New Releases Feel Like a Circus

Britney Spears- Circus: “There’s only two types of people in the world. The ones that entertain, and the ones that...

Nov 29, 2008

The Love List: Thanksgiving Leftovers and My New Best Friend (you’ll want to be her bff too)

[Welcome to my Weekly Love List. A list, on all things I love. Because if I love them – well...

Oct 21, 2008

Candy Dish: Britney Heads to Court

Britney’s comeback may relocate to the slammer. Charm School girls keep it real. Anyone can be Sarah Palin. 7 ways...

Sep 8, 2008

Mission Impossible: Can MTV Bring Back Britney?

After watching her win 3 Moonmen at MTV’s VMA awards last night for a song that is good but not...

Oct 1, 2007

An Open Letter to Miss Britney Spears

Dear Britney, I hope this letter finds you well. Or at least wearing a pair of underwear. I am writing...