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May 21, 2009

Girl Crush: Chelsea Handler

I'm having a tough time admitting this, mostly because I think she stole my life, but I have a huge crush on Chelsea Handler. I was introduced to Ms. Handler a few years back when my friend shoved her first book, "My Horizontal Life" in my hands and screamed, "this was your idea!"

Apr 17, 2009

G.W.W.E.: Bo “Boink Me!” Burnham

This week, the release of photos of the Obama girls' new puppy, Bo (So. Effing. CUTE!), had all of America swooning. But there's another Bo who's pulling my heartstrings—of course I’m talking about the sublimely funny Bo Burnham, who’s heating up the internet with his musical comedy.

Apr 13, 2009

5 Movies Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Some movies make you laugh till your tummy hurts, while some movies inspire you with their message. There are some that make you terrified to sleep alone after watching, or ones that are so graphic and disgusting...

Amy Poehler’s Goodbye to SNL

SNL is supposed to make us laugh, which it failed to do for a long (long) time after Will Ferrell...

Dating: Who Gets The Last Laugh?

You date, you learn. And you’d think that the people you date will just vanish of the face off the...

Nov 8, 2008

G.W.W.E: Seth “Ride Him” Rogan

[In this week’s installment of G.W.W.E (Guys We Want to Eff), we are climbing into bed with Seth Rogan. What?...

Oct 19, 2008

5 Fun Movies for a Rainy, Fall Day

It’s rainy. It’s windy. You haven’t seen sunlight in days, you didn’t do so hot on today’s pop quiz, and...

Oct 7, 2008

Hot New Music and DVD Releases for 10/7/2008

Hello CC readers! It is that time of the week yet again, where new DVDs and new CDs hit store...

Sep 25, 2008

Set Your DVRs – Grey’s Anatomy and The Office Are Back!

Not gonna lie: Thursday nights have really sucked since our two favorite shows left us at the beginning of the...

Sep 21, 2008

The Emmy Awards Are on Tonight – Which Show is Best?

So, the Emmy’s are on tonight? I had no idea! I guess I should stop fast forwarding through the commercials...

Sep 9, 2008

You Always Remember Your Worst

I consider myself an equal opportunity dater: non-discriminatory and always up for a new challenge. That’s not to say this...

Sep 6, 2008

Mid-Afternoon “Office” Break

Even though I heart TV, my favorite part of a show is always the blooper reel.  When other people laugh,...

Sep 3, 2008

“Labor Pains” Gives Me Forehead Pains

When she’s not telling the world how much she loves Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan is doing what is sometimes called...