Some Guys Are Really Awful, But It’s Not Your Fault [Sexy Time]

In the wake of the Steubenville rape trial, there has been increased dialogue about the importance of consent. Unfortunately, the societal narrative around consent is so muddled, distorted, and harmful. There's a ton of emphasis on the absence of no and not nearly enough about the presence of yes.

Mar 28, 2013

I Knew It! Study Shows Sex With A Condom Is As Good As Condomless Sex [Sexy Time]

I love condoms. Sometimes I feel alone in this, because a lot of people who commit to using condoms regularly always seem to do so with reluctance and resignation.

Jan 31, 2013

What Exactly Is Safe Sex? [He Said/She Said]

So CC's lovely editor Alex was browsing Reddit this week and came across this post, with a guy asking if it was unreasonable to ask his girlfriend of four years to give him a blow job without a condom. My initial thoughts? That must taste weird, very latex-y and possibly like spermicide.

Jan 12, 2013

Oct 4, 2012

STDs Are So Hot Right Now [Sexy Time]

The other day, my supervisor barreled into the office and proceeded to freak out about this article he'd read in the New Yorker about a new strain of gonorrhea that can't be treated with antibiotics. He and my other boss - both of whom are married and ostensibly free from contracting STDs - were utterly appalled and proceeded to disparage people who have casual sex, and said they hope this news would teach the "floozies" a lesson.

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Aug 14, 2012

Gonorrhea is Almost Untreatable [Sex in the News]

Gonorrhea (nicknamed The Clap) is only one antibiotic away from becoming untreatable. Yep, all the previous treatments are no longer responding.

Jul 24, 2012

Manners Matter When Applying To College [Candy Dish]

Many students make the mistake of assuming that applying to college is an entirely objective process where you send grades, essays and test scores through an electronic medium and are filtered through some computer program that determines whether or not you have a shot at getting into a program.

Jul 10, 2012

Tuffy Luv Sez: Better Safe Than Herpes!!!

I'm a virgin but my boyfriend and I have been doing oral. We both do it, so it's going good but I just want to make sure. I can't get pregnant from oral?

Jul 10, 2012

LA Public Health Says “Suit Up!” with Condoms [Sex in the News]

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health held a condom wrapper design contest as part of a campaign to increase condom use and decrease the spread of STDs.

Jul 3, 2012

Tuffy Luv Sez: Impotence or Insecurity?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months, and our relationship is very strong emotionally. However, he normally can't stay hard after putting on a condom.

Mar 31, 2012

Candy Dish: Do You Know How To Wear A Condom?

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Mar 21, 2012

Do You Know How To Use A Condom? [Video]

Every time I see a banana, I can't help but think of the health class scene in Never Been Kissed. I think we tend to assume that most people who have made it to college know how to use a condom. A little reminder never hurts, so sit back, relax, and let the experts tell you how it's done.

Mar 12, 2012

Candy Dish: Kristen Stewart Goes On the Road

• Kerouac's On the Road is coming to the big screen...and here's the trailerDo men like crazy positions in bed? • Marriage may actually keep you alive longerBobbi Kristina sits down with Oprah • The secret to a successful serious relationship

Mar 1, 2012

Sexy Time: Why Are We Using Condoms Less Frequently?

How many of us have been in a situation where we're hooking up and the guy just slides in without much warning? Or how many of us have encountered men who are absurdly petulant when their partner asks them to put one on? They always have a litany of excuses or justifications -- "It doesn't feel as good"/"I can't stay hard with one on"/"I'm clean, don't you trust me?"

Feb 29, 2012

Candy Dish: Hump Day

• 5 relationship draw-outs to avoid • Would you propose to a man? • 9 naughty apps for your phone • Uh oh – are college women ditching condoms? • Red is scientifically proven to be the sexiest color • Dating lessons from Craigslist missed connections

Feb 14, 2012

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Yourself: The Ultimate CC Sex Toy Review

I'm totally up for reclaiming Valentine's Day and making it about sexy self-indulgence. That's definitely something our society doesn't value nearly as much as it should; and I mean, who isn't in love with feeling sexy and sensual, whether it's for a partner or for yourself?

Dec 20, 2011

When Safe Sex Goes Horribly Wrong

I was struck with complete disbelief after reading about a woman who, despite using multiple forms of birth control, keeps getting pregnant. Like, pregnant seven times in 5 years. Like, she and her husband only had sex three times since September and she's currently expecting another kid. Did I mention she's tried the Pill, condoms, injections and an IUD...and they still don't work?

Dec 1, 2011

Get a Condom, Give a Condom

At least that’s the mission behind the hot, new, perfectly plaid-patterned condom company, Sir Richard’s condoms. In honor of National World AIDS day, we wanted to give it up (pun intended) to a fairly new company that makes it their mission to help out countries in need. I recently met with one of Sir Richard’s leading ladies, Mia, to talk about their company, their philosophy and their branding.

Oct 13, 2011

Sexy Time: Turning Me Off

Getting to know someone else's body is a learning process. Sometimes there's a very steep curve, depending on level of intuitiveness, experience and communication. Some people can pick up cues far quicker and better than others and all is well, while're laying on your back, staring at the ceiling and thinking of your to-do list for the next six months.

Oct 10, 2011

Body Blog: Male Birth Control?

Male and female condoms. Birth control pills, shots, patches and rings. As a smart, independent college woman, you’re no doubt familiar with the range of contraceptive options. But soon, a new one may be added to the list – male hormonal birth control.

Jul 23, 2011

What High Schools Should Teach in Sex Ed

In high school, my sex ed was what you would call minimal. Since Texas firmly believes in abstinence only education (which so doesn't work - my high school had a day care program for crying out loud!), I consider myself very lucky that I had a very open-minded mother who taught me about sex. Here's what they should be teaching high schoolers in order to better prepare them.

Jul 12, 2011

Tuffy Luv Sez: CONDOMS!!!!!!!!!!

Now since I have lost my virginity I have found condoms extremely uncomfortable. I mean to the point where I am in tears from the pain. I have not found the reason behind this, I've tried ultrathins and pre-lubricated condoms, I've even tried using extra lube. It just hurts.

Jun 9, 2011

Sexy Time: Cashing In Your V-Card

I was absolutely terrified to lose my virginity. I had built it up in my head to be a significant, life-altering step, one that would cement my status as a sexually desirable woman. It turned out to be a disorienting, uncomfortable, disgusting experience that shook my confidence for months. The guy and I were getting hot and heavy, clothes came off, and suddenly he was penetrating me. I went along with it for literally five seconds, and then I rolled off. That was not what I wanted.

May 25, 2011

Sex ’em and Forget ’em: Everyone’s Doing It!

If there's any place where causal sex would be seen as the norm, it's college. People are humping like wild pitts off their leashes, and these days a committed relationship is no longer a requirement for sex. There are so many different things to consider when choosing the perfect freak-and-forget partner though. Even though you're wrapping it up and taking all STD-free precautions, it's hard to know who's a complete sketchball and who's not.

Apr 28, 2011

Candy Dish: Every Women Should Own a Box

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Apr 5, 2011

Tuffy Luv Says: Get Comfortable with Sex, Girl

Dear Tuffy Luv, I recently lost my virginity about a month ago. I've had sex a couple times with this guy (we're dating) and I'm always on the bottom. What do I do while he's...going into me? I always feel bad because I'm just lying there while he's going at it pretty hard. I haven't tried anything because I don't really want make a mistake and be embarrassed or something.

Mar 24, 2011

Sexy Time: The (Literal) Cost of Sex

With the latest events surrounding Planned Parenthood, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much it costs to be responsibly sexually active. Birth control, condoms, PAP smears, STI tests, and Plan B — it adds up fast!

Dec 1, 2010

World AIDS Day: You Can Make A Difference

Today, December 1, is World AIDS Day - a day to take action towards informing yourself about how to protect yourself and others from HIV while reducing the prejudice of those infected. AIDS may seem like a problem only in the developing world, but it's not. Over 1.1 million people in the USA have HIV. There remains a stigma around AIDS that can reduced the more we talk about it.

Oct 21, 2010

Sexy Time: Bareback Mountin’

There are a lot of decisions to be made in a long-term relationship -- whose friends to hang out with more often, if and when to cohabit, whose place to crash at more often, and what you’d both like the future to look like. Once sex enters the relationship – whether if it’s on the first date or on the first night of marriage, there comes a whole new set of decisions to make.