Oct 29, 2012

11 Women Guys Want You To Dress Up As This Halloween [Dude's List]

Everyone, for one night of the year, gets to indulge openly in some fantasy, a little wish fulfillment, and a smidge of bacchanal delight.

Sep 15, 2012

10 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for Any Budget

If you are as crazy about Halloween and dressing up as I am, you are probably already freaking out about what costume to wear. You want something fun and definitely not predictable.

Couples Halloween Costumes

What's more fun than getting creative with your boo and dressing up for Halloween together? Instead of going as a slutty bumblebee while your man dons something obscure (and thinks is really funny), try making up a couple costume.

Oct 17, 2011

A Freshman’s Guide to Halloween

Halloween in college is a big deal. Major, really. You may have thought you hit your trick-or-treating peak in the 3rd grade when you wrapped yourself in tinfoil and went out as leftovers, but think again.

Oct 28, 2010

Oct 23, 2010

Liq-Or-Treat: Halloween Drinking Games

We might be too old to go door-to-door and ask strangers for candy... but we're not too old to dress up as slutty versions of our favorite childhood fairy tales characters, animals, or public service workers, are we? Besides, if we're struggling to pay $49.99 for a "Sexy Bull Fighter" costume, dammit, we want to get the most bang for our buck!

Oct 8, 2010

Let The Halloween Countdown Begin!

My school is famous for our Halloween debauchery. Every year literally tens of thousands of members of the under-25 crowd dress up (or down) to parade along Del Playa Drive in varying levels of consciousness. Halloween is like the senior prom of college (four years in a row).

Oct 26, 2009

Halloween Costumes for the Procrastinators Of The World

It’s Halloween crunch time. One morning you roll out of bed and realize your roommates have already perfected their Village People getup, your best friend and her boyfriend are pop culture referencing the shiz out of Taylor and Kanye, and your pseudo-fratty neighbors have their imitation silk Wal-Mart robes ready to make Hugh Hefner proud.

Oct 9, 2009

The CC Weekly Weigh In: You Know You’re In College When…

College life offers students experiences they would never have anywhere else, mostly because having people lift your legs while you hold onto a keg and drink beer for as long as you can isn't really socially acceptable anywhere else. Nor is reviewing your text messages from the night before to figure out what you did after leaving the house.

May 15, 2009

Everything I Need to Know I Learned My Freshman Year

Now that I’m halfway done with my college career, I anticipate all the bright eyed and bushy tailed freshmen about to invade the dorms and use fake-id’s at all my favorite bars. Putting myself in their shoes, I wish that someone had been there to give me advice for my college career (all I got was my Mom telling me not to hook up with any fraternity boys until Spring semester).

Oct 31, 2008

The CC Weekly Weigh In: Our Favorite Halloween Traditions

Happy Halloween, CollegeCandies! We hope you started your morning off right: with a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a bowl of...

Oct 16, 2008

The Top Best 5 Halloween Treats of All Time.

While Halloween now is more closely associated with finding a (slutty) costume and drinking Halloween inspired beverages, as a kid,...