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Oct 21, 2009

You Can Recycle More Than Just Beer Cans

We live in a world of disposable everything. Cups, plastic bags, razors, boyfriends; you name it, you can find it in a disposable form. And although this makes our lives terribly easy, it also makes our landfills terribly full. By just being a tad more conscious of your recycling options, you can make a huge difference with relatively minimal effort.

Sep 25, 2009

WTF Friday: Someone Really Likes IKEA

I thought I was IKEA's biggest fan. Everything I own in my apartment is from that place. But this woman would definitely beat me for President of the IKEA Fan Club. She may not be amazing, but she knows what she likes. And it can be put together in 12 easy steps.

Jul 28, 2009

Life After College: What If…?

I've been asking a lot of questions lately. Mostly to myself, but I have a quirky tendency to mumble aloud so sometimes I get answers from people assuming that I was trying to have a conversation with them. But I appreciate their responses; I'll take anything I can get these days, with the exception of Yahoo answers.

Craigslist: A Haven for The Freakiest of Freaks

Here’s the thing: It ain’t easy being a broke college intern in New York City. So when my girlfriend Jenny’s sublet flaked out on her via email mere hours before she arrived in Manhattan, she threw herself back into Craigslist with a vengeance, scouring the site for affordable housing.

Jul 25, 2009

Sexy Time: There Is A Wrong Time for Sex

I’m not going to debate the morality of casual sex. Everybody has different reasons for “hooking up” and everyone experiences different consequences. There are some reasons for having casual sex, however, that really are just bad news. I know this because I’ve tried most of them…

Jun 25, 2009

Blogs That Make Us LOL

Usually when we need a little LOL here at the CollegeCandy headquarters we just go back through our old posts and marvel at how truly hilarious we all are. (And modest, too!) Or, you know, look through our Facebook photo albums from college. God, those were the days.

May 14, 2009

May 7, 2009

Sexy Time: Online Lovin’

When you think of internet dating, you probably think about your best friend’s 59 year-old father and his many (failed) attempts to meet “the one” on Even if we were dismally lonely, I highly doubt most of us would allow ourselves to get so far as to post our own profile for the viewing pleasure of a middle-aged audience. But what if the dating site was geared towards college students?

Apr 1, 2009

Money Matters: Summer Jobs, Anyone?

You're so busy with classes (and a rockin' social life), you can't seem to get ahead in the finance field. Sure, summer might be a great time to soak up some sun for those college students who are lucky enough NOT to be struggling with student loans, car payments, credit card bills, etc. But for a large majority of us, summer is the time to keep working our asses off... and get paid.

Mar 29, 2009

And You Thought Sex On a Bed Was Good…

Don't ask how (no, I wasn't Googling "chair sex," or "furniture to do it on"), but I came across this site recently and was instantly intrigued.

Feb 24, 2009

Senioritis: The Job Hunt

I spend 83% of my day deleting e-mails from my career center. It seems they spend 100% of their day...

Jan 5, 2009

Hilarious Video: Craigslist Photographer

Have you ever looked at Craigslist Casual Encounters? Don’t lie. It’s ok – everyone gets curious to see what and...

Dec 18, 2008

Creative Ideas to Ring in the New Year

You’ve already got a semester of partying under your belt by the time New Years Eve rolls around. How are...

Nov 30, 2008

Top 5 Things You MUST Do In College Pt. 4: Live With Strangers!

[The following is the third of a five-part series I’m calling “The Top 5 Things You MUST Do In College.”...

Nov 24, 2008

Candy Dish: Paris Hilton is Single and Ready to Mingle

And dressed in leather. $400 of makeup products for free? Sign me up! Don’t like Obama? Here are some tips...

Nov 10, 2008

Candy Dish: Harry Potter’s weewee is wee

Harry Potter like you’ve never seen him before! Are overalls seriously coming back in style? I hope not. Bad news...