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Oct 19, 2012

10 Things That Are NOT Okay

No matter what your beliefs, whether you're religious, an atheist, gay, straight, bi, a democrat or a republican, there are some things which I think we can all accept are just not okay.

Jan 16, 2012

Things That Crocs Sells That Are Even Uglier Than Crocs [Photos]

I don't know if it's the style, the loud colors or just the general public opinion that Crocs are ugly that makes them so easy to poke fun at, but we all do. Here's the thing though: the Crocs company sells shoes and other products that are even uglier than their trademark shoe! Hard to process, I know, but take a look.

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May 29, 2011

10 Trends I Hope Never Come Back

I consider myself a fashionista, a fashion enthusiast, a clothing connoisseur. I keep up with the trends using my two favorite outlets: a fashion glossy and Twitter. And when I’m walking down the street and see that glam girl rocking the maxi dress I’ve had my eye on for weeks? I’m no happy camper. But there’s one thing I consider worse -- walking down the street and feeling the need to check what century I’m in because of a particularly “out there” ensemble.

Mar 19, 2010

Budget Stylista: Let’s Go Clogging

But then, like all old trends that come back around, I realized the clog came with a bit of a twist. Clogs 2.0 are like Heidi Montag 2.0: Bigger, pumped up and plumped up. And some would even argue, better. These clogs are edgier, chunkier, platform-ier and all around cooler.

Oct 31, 2009

Hot Accessories for a Cold Winter

This fall weather is quickly beginning to feel a lot like winter. Sweaters and tights are being traded in for winter fleeces and long-johns. You may think you're good to go with your new crochet Uggs and long, puffy North Face jacket, but there's a lot more out there this winter when it comes to accessories.

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Oct 12, 2009

10 Things We Should Ban Instead Of Books

Having just "celebrated" banned books week in America, I started thinking about the importance of reading, the beauty of stories and how much books enrich all of our lives. And most of my thoughts came back to one single theme: W.T.Eff?

5 Things to Learn Your First Week on Campus

I learned more my first week at college than I did in my entire life. And I don’t mean academically. I mean socially, financially, emotionally and drunk-ly. Some things took longer to figure out than others (that I should visit the ATM before I get to the bar, to avoid extra fees and my tendency to tipsily make it rain) and other things took mere minutes...

Death to Crocs, Finally

Finally, a benefit of our failing economy! It turns out that the crocs franchise may not be around as long as we had feared. Instead of scrambling to keep up with (inexplicable) demand, they are now facing millions of dollars of debt and a surplus of really ugly shoes.

Oh the People You’ll Meet: The Americanized International

College brings a whole lot of new experiences, new lessons and new people. But it seems that no matter what...

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Feb 9, 2009

I’m Torn: Uggs Edition

[Life isn’t black and white. As much as we wish we simply loved or hated things, there is often that...

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Dec 8, 2008

Cute Crocs? Miracles Do Happen!

Pop quiz! Who makes the ugliest shoes on Earth?Ask anyone this question and they’ll give you one of two answers....

Nov 6, 2008

Sexy Time: Dating Disasters

[For many of us, sex and college go together like Uggs and snow – you can’t have one without the...

Jun 10, 2008

Dear God No: Croc High Heels

I don’t know when or why it happened, but some time in the last few years people started popping up...

Apr 29, 2008

The Croc, 2.0

So I’m unsure if I’m just behind the times or if this is really a new development, but lately while...

Jun 21, 2007

The New (& Improved?) Croc Shoe

I remember going into a store once, contemplating the purchase of a pair of Crocs. All I remember is taking...