Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe Says Gay Sex Is NBD [Candy Dish]

Daniel Radcliffe thinks you need to get over your gay sex hang ups. Snap. The former Harry Potter is now playing Allen Ginsberg and he is a tad annoyed that people are overblowing the gay sex scenes in the film. He said, "It’s interesting that it’s deemed shocking.

Jan 25, 2013

10 Top-Earning Stars Under 25

Recently, we discovered the site Celebrity New Worth, which allows you to search any celebrity's name and find out how much money they actually make. What did we learn?

Apr 27, 2012

Candy Dish: Manic Pixie Dream Girl

• Let's sort out our female stereotypes using a flowchart. • Snooki just wants you to know she's not pregnant. • The secret to beautiful skin. • Things I didn't need to know about Daniel Radcliffe: this. • Check out the Vanity Fair 2012 Hollywood issue. Gorgeous! • The 10 worst things you can say in bed.

Feb 1, 2012

Jan 31, 2012

Candy Dish: HRH The Puppy

• Prince William and Kate got a puppy! • Weirdest relationship ever. • Five things to talk about before the big move in. • Learn how to wear shorts with tights. • Justin Timberlake's finest fashion moments. • 5 break up myths.

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Jan 11, 2012

Candy Dish: Toddler Diva

Makenzie is back on "Toddlers and Tiaras" tonight. This girl takes diva behavior to a new level.

•Daniel Radcliffe is preparing to host "Saturday Night Live"... and the promos are adorable.

•There is more drama regarding whether Khloe Kardashian is Robert's daughter.

Dec 19, 2011

Candy Dish: That’s Not Her Name

•Scarlett Johansson hates her nicknameDaniel Radcliffe is coming to your screen! •Did James Franco have a prof of his fired for a bad grade? •Turns out Brits love to drunkbook •This Khristmas Kard is kind of frightening, no? •Who was the woman of 2011?

Jul 15, 2011

Candy Dish: Chains and Whips Excite Me

•Easy ways to embrace your inner dominatrix •This guy is either super awesome...or a little too weird •Those boys from Harry Potter just get better and better •Guess who's joining the cast of 'How I Met Your Mother'! •The key to wearing top to bottom denim •These celebs even look good without makeup •The most unique dating sites

Dec 6, 2010

The 8 Hotties of Hanukkah: Daniel Radcliffe [GALLERY]

We love a Jewish man with an accent (even if that man entered our hearts as a teeny, tiny little boy), which is why Daniel Radcliffe is our 6th Hottie of Hanukkah.

Nov 20, 2010

Now Showing: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Disclaimer: Many Harry Potter fans sit in the theater picking the movie apart in terms of being an accurate adaptation, but I believe the film should stand alone as a part of its own art form, which is first and foremost a film, not a book.

Nov 16, 2010

Harry Potter Then and Now [GALLERY]

As an avid Harry Potter fan (god, I wish they had HP classes at my school!) I feel like I've grown up alongside Harry, Hermione and Ron, both the characters in the books and the actors who play them in the movies.

Jul 17, 2009

Celebretard Showdown (Magical Edition!): Daniel Radcliffe vs. Robert Pattinson

After spending some time re-watching The Goblet of Fire and considering a double feature with Twilight, I started thinking of the similarities between Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson. As much as I love those two, sometimes they can get annoying. And pale. Why are they so pale??

Jul 13, 2009

Which Harry Potter Hottie Is The Hottest? [Poll]

I'm definitely from the school of "the book is better than the movie," especially when it comes to Harry Potter. But there is one reason why I keep shelling out $10 to watch the film adaptation of my favorite books of all time: the hotties. But, which actor from the Harry Potter movies is the hottest?

Jul 10, 2009

G.W.W.E.: Daniel “Wizardly Womanizer” Radcliffe

In all honesty, there has been only one date marked (with a big red-Sharpie'd heart) on my calendar this summer: July 15, the release of the next Harry Potter movie. Yes, I read all the books. Yes, I realize I'm more excited for a movie about wizards than beachside cocktails.

May 31, 2009

Leading Men We’re Burnin’ For

Moviegoers are in for one hell of a blockbuster season this summer. With all the sequels, prequels, and long-anticipated epics slated for release, there will be no shortage of box office smashes. But even more important is that these movies are a good source of your daily recommended leading man!

Nov 10, 2008

Candy Dish: Harry Potter’s weewee is wee

Harry Potter like you’ve never seen him before! Are overalls seriously coming back in style? I hope not. Bad news...

Oct 1, 2008

WTF Harry Potter?

And I quote…”He’s a truly remarkable man. If I was gay or a female I’d just want to marry him....

Sep 30, 2008

The Hotties of Rosh Hashanah

Today is the first full day of Rosh Hashanah, which means that I just spent 4 hours thanking God for everything he has given me in the past year (followed, of course, by a large and delicious meal). While in synogogue, I thanked the Big Guy upstairs for my family, my friends, my education and the fact that my money is still safe in a bank somewhere.

Sep 3, 2008

Candy Dish: Harry Potter Does Drag

Daniel Radcliffe …for some reason… would love to play a drag queen Freud was right. We’re all gross. Nothing says...

Aug 18, 2008

Candy Dish: Britney Spears Nominated for a VMA?

Britney Spears will be back at the VMA’s. If his abs and medals aren’t enough, here is yet another reason...

Apr 24, 2008

The Top Five Least Sexy Heartthrobs

Maybe it’s just that I’m getting old and I don’t understand kids today. I don’t watch MTV, hell, I don’t...

Jul 25, 2007

This Blog Does NOT Contain Spoilers

I can’t help but wonder if there’s actually any point to writing a review for Harry Potter and the Deathly...

Jul 16, 2007

Luxuriously Loaded Youngins

Apparently you only have to play a wizard (not actually be one) to make millions of dollars magically appear. In...

Jul 14, 2007

10 Reasons Why You Should See Harry Potter

It’s PG-13 rating. We no longer have to feel like that creepy old guy at a kid’s movie....

Jul 11, 2007

Harry Potter Gone Wild

You would never know by looking at my – my long legs, my classy wardrobe, my sultry eyes – but...

Jul 9, 2007

Little Harry Potter Ain’t So Little Anymore

Let’s say it together, shall we? He’s only 18…he’s only 18… Daniel Radcliffe, the newly legal star of those Harry...

Jun 29, 2007

Harry Potter: New Movie, New Book, Fashion Inspiration?

Somehow, I managed to forget about the whole Harry Potter thing for a while. I’ve read all the books, and...