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May 17, 2013

The 6 Best Ways to Restyle Old T-Shirts…All You Need Are Scissors!

There are plenty of ways to transform an old t-shirt into whatever you want it to be. If you don't have an old t-shirt, you can go out and buy one for relatively cheap.

Apr 13, 2013

A DIY 3-Strap Bra is the Answer to All Your Backless Top Problems! [DIY with CC]

I have a lot of shirts that are either backless or have a very low cut back, and I am not a big fan of exposing the back of my bra or going bra-less. When I stumbled upon this DIY to jazz up the back of the bra so it looks stylish and classy, I jumped on it.

Apr 6, 2013

Take Your Sneakers to Infinifty and Beyond with This Galaxy Dye Job [DIY with CC]

This DIY takes a little time, but it's simple, needs limited supplies and looks super adorable.

Make Your Own Vintage Jewelry Stand [DIY with CC]

I'm a huge mess when it comes to organizing my jewelry. My necklaces pile up and tangle each other on one corner of my counter. My earrings huddle together on top of my body butter container. And my bracelets are hanging from the pump of my lotion. I always see cute jewelry stands when I'm out shopping, but they're always pretty pricey.

Mar 30, 2013

Make Your Own Easter Egg Garland [DIY with CC]

I love any craft that I can decorate my place with. So, get excited because I have found an awesome craft that actually, despite being called" Easter egg garland", can totally be hung up in your room all year round!

Mar 23, 2013

Jazz Up Your Lights With Tulle! [DIY with CC]

My room is filled with sources of soft lighting, it sets the mood and makes me relax and feel at home. I got really tired of just putting lamps everywhere, so I wanted something a little new and different to put in my new dorm room at school for this year. While perusing Pinterest, I found the perfect solution: a tulle light garland!

Mar 16, 2013

Mar 9, 2013

Use Your Sharpies to Make Tye-Dye Swag! [DIY with CC]

To me, spring is all about bright colors that mimic the warmth of the sun, and since I am a college student, I have a lot of free white tees, which got me thinking: What can I do to these shirts to make then look new again and spruce them up for the spring weather?

Mar 2, 2013

3 Things To Do With Old Mason Jars [DIY with CC]

These ideas are fun, inexpensive and can definitely add a little flair to your home.

Feb 16, 2013

Get Your Piggies Ready for Spring with Homemade Foot Scrub! [DIY with CC]

Okay, so maybe we still have a while to go before we pull those Havaianas out, but you can still have smooth and soft feet in the winter. I've always been into beauty and bath products that smell delicious, so when I came across these foot scrubs I was in heaven.

Feb 9, 2013

Add Flair to Your Drinkware With Hand-Dotted Tumblers [DIY with CC]

If you were to walk into my dorm room tonight, you'd see me and all my friends drinking alcohol out of everything not classy to drink it out of: weird plastic cups from random events, coffee mugs, sippy cups, reused fast food cups. I'm not trying to be a snob, but I just feel more sophisticated when I'm drinking pinot out of a glass.

Feb 2, 2013

The Ultimate Handmade Gumball Machine [DIY With CC]

Okay, so ever since I started writing some of CC's DIY posts, this craft has been stored away on my computer waiting for my editor to say the magic words: "Time for a Valentine's Day Craft!"

Jan 12, 2013

Decorate Your Dorm Room With Crayon Art [DIY with CC]

The first thing I like to do when I move into my dorm room is decorate my walls. There is just something about bare dorm room walls that drives me nuts, and frankly, it just doesn't feel like home until the walls are plastered with random things such as posters of your favorite boy band.

Dec 22, 2012

Create Your Own Gift Bags [DIY with CC]

After all of that shopping for Christmas presents, now comes the time to wrap them up to give them out! I know what you're thinking--you forgot to stock up on cheesy wrapping paper and have nothing to put your gifts in.

Oct 13, 2012

Make a No-Sew Pillowcase! [DIY With CC]

If you need to spice up your new apartment or dorm room, DIY-ing your own decor will ensure you have a space that's uniquely you.

Aug 11, 2012

Make Your Own Personalized iPhone Case! [DIY with CC]

That's why I was so happy to find this DIY, which show you how to make your own changeable cases in a ridiculously simple way. I took inspiration from the tutorial and decided that what I really want is a monogram case, super chic and unique!