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Doctor Who

Aug 5, 2013

20 Doctor Who Tattoos To Celebrate The New Doctor, Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor Who . . . Doctor, following in the footsteps of the greats: David Tennant...

Jun 25, 2013

The Ultimate Fandom Showdown: Which TV Show Has the Most Dedicated Fans? ROUND 4

This week we've got Dr. Who vs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer facing off against Game of Thrones vs. Friends. Those are four pretty fierce fan bases, so I'm excited to see how this all goes down and who makes it to the final round.

Jun 17, 2013

How Do I Get Him To Be More Adventurous In Bed? [Ask A Dude]

We have had sex a couple times already and it was that sweet, loving kind of sex. Don't get me wrong, it was wonderful, but I was wondering what the best way is to see if your boyfriend would consider being a little naughtier in the sheets (ex: dirty talking?) without looking like a total sl00t?

Apr 22, 2013

Do His Actions Speak Louder Than His Words? [Ask A Dude]

I feel like if a guy is telling me he's not interested, but can still be sold on sex, I should probably just accept that he's "not that into it" instead of telling myself he's just scared of commitment or is putting up walls.

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Apr 15, 2013

Do “We Have To Talk?” [Ask A Dude]

Why is asking to talk to a guy a big deal? Recently I texted my FWB that I wanted to talk to him, and asked if he had a minute later on in the day. He immediately shot back, "What's it about? Am I in trouble?"

When Do Men Stop Thinking “Me” and Start Thinking “We”? [Ask a Dude]

Our relationships, in whatever form they take to begin with, always seem to hit the same problem area eventually. The dreaded "gray area". It's where men tend to drag out the dating or hooking up phase, and avoid putting a label on "what we are".

Mar 18, 2013

11 New Year Resolutions He Wishes You’d Make [Dude’s List]

Most resolutions are a mistake to make. The reason they’re mistakes are simple: you’re the one making them. You’re not going to be objective enough to do it. In truth, be brave, bite the bullet and ask him what resolution he’d like you to make. Watch his eyes go as wide as Smaug’s.

Jan 7, 2013

11 Women Guys Want You To Dress Up As This Halloween [Dude’s List]

Everyone, for one night of the year, gets to indulge openly in some fantasy, a little wish fulfillment, and a smidge of bacchanal delight.

Oct 29, 2012

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Oct 15, 2012

11 Women On TV He’ll Be Drooling Over All Fall [Dude’s List]

Having given in to my studious nature, I’m happy to produce for you 11 women you should feel threatened by over the next few months. Don’t worry, not in a literal sense, just in a “my boyfriend’s totally thinking about how hot she looks” kind of sense.

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Oct 10, 2012

Call Me, Maybe? [Ask A Dude]

He says he's into me and when we're together it's always an amazing time, but doesn't an interested guy...well...act interested?

Sep 26, 2012

Will He Cheat On Me If He’s Done It Before? [Ask A Dude]

There’s a guy (always is, right?), and he’s really cool and all, and we get along really great together. We’ve hung out a bunch of times, but here’s the thing: he’s got a reputation for cheating. I mean, I know from friends that he’s cheated on at least 2 girls before.

Sep 5, 2012

Orientation Guys, What’s The Deal? [Ask A Dude]

So over orientation last week, I met this super cutey and since we’re both new to the school and the city and everything we kind of made it a point to hang out a lot.

Aug 25, 2012

Why You’ll Miss Summer Vacation When It’s Gone

It’s August. The days of sleeping in and sleeping out are waning as move-in day is approaching far too fast. Savor the summer. Savor the in-between season between class schedules.

Aug 15, 2012

Am I Too Young To Get Married? [Ask A Dude]

Everyone keeps asking me and him if we’re next, and I love him, but I don’t know if I want to get married!!! What do I say if he asks?

Aug 12, 2012

You Know You’re Ready For Adulthood When…

There comes a point where you can call yourself an adult. And the confirmation doesn’t necessarily come at a Church but potentially in a dorm room, a first apartment, or even outside of a bar.

Jun 27, 2012

Why Won’t He Let Me Meet The Family? [Ask A Dude]

See, my first question is - and I’m not saying it’s a fair one - is he an only child? Is he from Texas?

Jun 9, 2012

How to Find The Love of Your Life

Okay, okay, I know the title’s sappy as all get out, and I admit we can fall in love with more than one person, but nonetheless I have found an increasingly common denominator: