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Apr 30, 2009

(Earth Friendly) Things That Make Me Go “Ew”

I'm all for being green and helping to save the planet in our my own way. I always recycle empties and I even reuse old print-outs for taking notes in class. But there are some things out there that take things a bit too far. And by "too far," I mean, "totally gross me out and make me want to vomit in my mouth a little."

Apr 22, 2009

Going Green Is Easy With These 5 Products

We all want to go green, but let’s face it - it's not easy. Not only is it impossible to build a compost heap in the dorms, there are a lot of lame Earth-friendly products out there. We're not going to trade in our gorgeous leather bags for some crappy burlap sack. We aren't going to start cleaning our dishes with some nasty dish soap/toothpaste/shampoo combo.

Mar 29, 2009

Green is Good: Eco-Friendly Fashion Finds

As global warming continues to become a bigger and bigger issue for our planet, it becomes increasingly important to do our part to cut down on wasteful resources. And what better place to start than in our very own closets?

Candy Dish: Peanuts Are Evil

The peanut crisis is getting worse. And I just ate a PB Power Bar. Oy. Go green this V-Day. Proof...

Jan 29, 2009

Makeup 101: Organic Shmorganic: The Truth About Organic Makeup

So it seems like everyone is buzzing about the benefits of organic things these days. I’ll admit, my family is...

Buy an iPod Nano Last Year? Sucks to Be You!

Why? Because, as usual, Steve Jobs and his cronies have released a newer, better Nano. Poor 3rd generation Nano; so...

Sep 9, 2008

Nov 20, 2007

Walking the Green Runway

Every day – without even trying, it seems – I see more and more people going green. And it makes...