embarrassing story

Jan 16, 2011

Morning After: The Loft of Terrors

t was my first night of freshman year. After my parents finished helping me unpack and hugged me goodbye, I had only one thing on my mind: to get drunk that night. What can I say? I happen to attend one of the schools that consistently makes the Princeton Review's list of biggest party schools every year (OU, Oh YEAH!) and I had high expectations for my first night out and about.

Jan 2, 2011

The Morning After: I've Said (Far) Too Much

By now you’re almost half way through Winter Break. You’ve got the major holidays behind you- Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Year’s- and that means pretty much all scenarios involving getting drunk with your family have expired. How’d you do? Make it through with minimal blows to your self-respect, pride, and squeaky-clean image?

Dec 19, 2010

Morning After: The Night I Robo-tripped

I was one of the good kids in high school. I didn't drink. I didn't do drugs. And my close friends were the same way. During my senior year, my best friend's parents went out of town and left her in charge of the house. Naturally, she decided to have a party. In our minds, that meant inviting some boys over and hanging out.

The Morning After: Hot Mess Abroad

I am currently studying abroad in an unspecified location in the world. We'll just say... not in the U.S. (really narrowing it down there). My host university always organizes events at bars and such for students, but my roommates and I usually just pass on them because they just wind up being these huge all-American fests.

Dec 12, 2010

The Morning After: The Angry Toilet

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” was all I heard as I funneled my Natty Light. I was standing on a table (don't judge) at the dirtiest best frat house on campus, my head tilted back, guzzling down that cheap beer like it was going out of style. When I was done, I jumped off the table, did a little curtsy and high fived a couple boys, before grabbing my roommate by the arm and dragging her toward the bathroom.

Nov 14, 2010

The Morning After: Hi Dad?

I had finally cut things off with my on-again-off-again boyfriend just before leaving my college town for the summer. We had our reasons for not trying to work it out anymore, but after a season away from our relationship – or any relationship, for that matter – the effort was beginning to look a bit more attractive than usual…

Nov 7, 2010

Oct 24, 2010

The Morning After: I Kissed a Freshman…The Saga Continues

So one time I hooked up with a freshman. And I liked it. But I knew (or thought) it would be a one time thing. Kind of like drinking a Venti before rush-hour was a one-time thing. Or shamelessly Googling pictures of Zac Efron.

Oct 3, 2010

The Morning After: Rushing Through My Walk of Shame

After a lot of internal debate and a few pro-con lists (and one venn diagram), I made the decision not to rush. So the night before rush began, I went out with a friend, tried on my first pair of beer goggles, and went home with David.

Sep 19, 2010

The Morning After: Mother Nature Has a Way With Timing

I fell in love with Danny my freshman year of college when he dressed up as a sexy pterodactyl on Halloween. We lived on the same floor freshman year and I always went out of my way to run into him in the hallway.

Sep 12, 2010

The Morning After: Happy Hour on Steroids

I’ve come to learn two fundamental truths this week: the happy hour does not exist, and breaking and entering is easier than it looks. I'm serious.

Aug 29, 2010

The Morning After: The Surprise Parental Visit

After months of leading me on, the boy I was falling in love with decided to hook up with one of my hall mates. I probably wouldn't have even found out had I not woken up early that Saturday morning to go for a run...and found him walking down the hall with his shirt inside-out and his shoes in his hand.

Aug 15, 2010

The Morning After: The Upper Decker

When it came to house parties, my roommates and I pulled out all the stops. We wanted our soirees to stand out and be memorable so we always chose a theme. We threw a bat mitzvah party for my non Jewish roommate’s 19th birthday. We had a costume parties. We had a Jell-o wrestling tournament. And when winter set in, we asked everyone to come over for a cocktail party.

Aug 1, 2010

The Morning After: The Skinny Kid

I think we can all agree that it's exciting when you run into someone wearing your university's logo/mascot/colors when you're far away from campus. You instantly wanna give them a "Go [insert team name here]!" before high fiving them and talking about all the wonderful things you have in common.

Jul 18, 2010

The Morning After: Pop a Squat

While you're busy busting out A+'s and making new friends in college, it's always really nice to go home for a weekend. And that is especially true during your freshman year when home friends routinely have elaborate parties where people drunkenly reunite.

Jul 11, 2010

The Morning After: Operation Bagel Bites

Every time my roommates and I have a party we tape our kitchen cabinets shut, empty out the fridge and hide all of our food in our locked rooms. We want to protect ourselves from those random drunk idiots that may come through and steal everyone's sh*t, eat all their food and make a big mess.