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Aug 5, 2009

When Celeb Tweets Should Fall Silent

Last night, Paula Abdul took to her official Twitter account to announce that she is not returning to judge American Idol next year. As usual, the major news outlets picked up on this immediately and began reporting it, actually quoting her tweets (one of which replaces the word “one” with “1.”)

Jun 26, 2009

Celebretard Showdown: Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez

Everyone loves a diva. Well, not really. They just think that everyone loves them, despite having no real talent or anything to offer to society. When you say "diva," two women jump to mind - Mariah Carey and Jenifer Lopez. The glitz, the glamor, the bad acting and the attitude (ohhh the attitude) define who they are.

Jun 4, 2009

Candy Dish: James Franco Backs Out on UCLA

Stupid grads. Now they're gonna be bored. • Amy Sedaris teaches women how to clean downtown. • Albino animals are so cute! • We need this dress. Now. • Eminem is a really good actor! • Worried about your teeth? Worry no more...

Let it Rock: I Almost Forgot About You

You know those artists that just seem to disappear all of the sudden? One minute they're in your life (and in your head) and the next, you don't really know where they are and you spend your days wondering if they took some office job somewhere.

Playlist: Travel Through Your Tunes

Part of the brilliant thing about music is its ability to transport you anywhere; the past, future, your ex-boyfriend’s bed,...

May 18, 2008

Eminem Gets Fat, No One Really Cares

Yo, what has happened to Eminem? While it’s taking all of my strength to keep away from a joke about...

Jan 9, 2008