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Mar 3, 2010

Ask a Dude: Why’s He Talking to His Ex?

Dear dude, Problem: my boyfriend's ex girlfriend texts him constantly. They were in a relationship for 2 years on and off in high school. I asked him to not talk to her and he didn't for about 4 months. But she texted him consistently and he finally gave in and started talking to her. He said she really needed him for advice. I know this because I sometimes check his phone.

Feb 15, 2010

10 Things We Never Need to Know About Our Man

It's no secret that everyone wants honestly in their relationship, but there are some things we just DON'T want to know (or want them to know!). Much like you wouldn't disclose to your man exactly what happened between you and his roommate freshman year, here's a list of things we definitely do not want to hear from guys we're gettin' down with:

Dec 13, 2009

Overheard: I Think I Look Good in Your Body

(Two guys in class, before lecture starts.) Guy 1: My girlfriend broke up with me, and sent me pictures of her and her new boyfriend in bed. Guy 2: Ouch. Guy 1: Yeah, I sent them to her dad.

Ask A Dude: Is He Not Over His Exes?

Dear Dude, Ever since I've been with my boyfriend, I've noticed something a little weird. He talks about his exes, a lot. He'll bring up random comments ("that house looks like ___'s house") or just tell me stories when something reminds him. It's mainly two girls that he talks about, that he was with for 3 and 5 years. Honestly, I really don't want to hear these stories...

Dec 2, 2009

Duke It Out: Sex With the Ex

It's one of those debates that has raged for... well, for as long as human beings have done the date and break-up thing. Is fooling around with an ex strictly off limits or a little habit that's OK to indulge in?

EXpectations: Your Boyfriend’s Ex is Also His Best Friend?

I’ve been dating this boy for about two months. He’s great, and so far things have been going really well. We spend a lot of time together without getting sick of each other, but haven’t meshed into a creepy and mushy single being like some couples are prone to. He makes me laugh, although it’s usually more at him than with him.

May 9, 2009

Mar 11, 2009

Changing the Single Guy…Or Not

We’ve all heard it before: “I just got out of a relationship.” “I really like where we are, and I...

Oct 13, 2008

Why I Hate Being a Silver Medal

When I say “silver medal”, I’m not talking about the Olympics or sports or anything like that. I’m talking about...

Oct 12, 2008

Your Ex and His Next: How to Deal

Getting over a guy can be tough, especially if he ended things before you were ready to end them. It’s...

Sep 26, 2008

The CC Weekly Weigh In: Make Your Ex Jealous

It may not be mature, but making your ex jealous is just so gratifying. Especially when they cheated on you...

Aug 10, 2008

5 Worst Things to Say During Sex

I am an expert in awkward situations. When I first meet people, more often than not, I leave a horrible...

Aug 6, 2008

He Said/She Said: Sex with an Ex

You know it’s wrong, but when you see your ex across the room for the first time since the big...

Jul 21, 2008

Seriously, DO NOT Look Up Your Ex

Put this under Things You Should Not Do If You Want To Remain A Happy Person: finding out what your...