Dec 23, 2019

The 10 Signs That Prove You’re Not Over Your Ex

If you’re still sleeping with them, you shouldn’t need to read anything else to know that you’re definitely not over...

Apr 3, 2016

10 Actually Good Reasons To Be Friends With Your Ex

Being friends is a lot easier than being enemies.

Watch Vanessa Hudgens’ New Music Video for Her Song “$$$ex”

The video kind of reminds me of like, the homemade films you make at birthday parties or something. Like, I'm pretty sure there is footage of me singing Britney Spears' "Lucky" with the same graphics and stuff as this video.

May 4, 2013

Why Do Guys Talk To Their Ex? [Ask A Dude]

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about a year, and things have been great. The only issue I have is the fact that he still keeps in touch with 2 of his ex's.

Aug 1, 2012

How To Be Awkward: With Your Ex

Sometimes you can manage to be friends with an ex. For example, I'm really good friends with an ex of mine and it's not weird at all. And then sometimes there are those exes where you want it to be weird because maybe they're a little bit into you still, and you're not feeling it.

May 28, 2012

Oct 24, 2011

J.Lo Reminds Us There Are Better Ways To Reflect on Your Ex [Photos]

Over the weekend recent divorcee and celebrity J.Lo paid tribute to her past loves during her Connecticut concert. Whilst singing her song “Until It Beats No More”, J.Lo look alike and Diddy, Ben Affleck, and Marc Anthony doppelgangers also took stage. As the singer described to the crowd, “let's take a trip down memory lane”, she began to cry.

Sep 27, 2011

Tuffy Luv Sez: Let It Go

But here's the thing: this whole thing is my fault. The whole time we were together, practically, I didn't trust anything he told me. I've had relationships in the past, and they all turned out terribly. I realize that everyone has terrible relationships sometimes, but it seems like everyone I care about lets me down. I don't trust anyone.

Jun 24, 2011

Single Girl Society: Get Out Of What-Could've-Been-Land

There’s a place I’ve been a few too many times, not nearly as sweet as Candyland or as sacred as The Holy Land and though it’s full of wonder it’s not nearly as wonderful as Wonderland. I like to call this place What-Could’ve-Been-Land. With every memory of my ex, I mentally transport myself, each time risking taking up a permanent residence in my love life’s own personal wasteland.

Jun 7, 2011

Tuffy Luv Cuts Speed Bumps

I've been dating this guy for 4 months (Yeah not long, and I have problems ALREADY!?) Anyway. I just recently found out he's been messaging his ex the whole time we've been together! But that's not the best part, SHE HAS A BF TOO!

May 10, 2011

Candy Dish: Get Insane!

Crazy ways to win back your ex • Is Judas Lady Gaga's first flop? • Cascada's "San Francisco" attempts to be 2011's "California Gurls" •We've got your Ira Glass fix for the day •When you can't afford Kanye...get Drake? •What is taste? •And the perfect father's day gift

Apr 3, 2011

Why Dudes Downgrade

If you’re on Facebook and haven’t “un-friended” your ex in a fit of rage, then you still have the luxury of knowing when he’s moved on and whom he’s moved on with. We all dread the moment we see an ex, (or in my experience my actual boyfriend at the time…yup, true story), tagged in a questionable photo with a new girl, fearing that the dreaded in a relationship heart will be the next step. see an ex, (or in my experience my actual boyfriend at the time…yup, true story), tagged in a questionable photo with a new girl, fearing that the dreaded in a relationship heart will be the next step.

Dec 17, 2010

Avoid Being a “Ho, Ho, Ho” This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year— except for the fact that you’re at the top of Santa’s Naughty List. Coal definitely isn’t something you put on your wish list this year but we both know you’ll be getting a lot of it. Luckily it’s not too late to trick Santa into thinking you walk around with a halo on top of your head. Here are some ways to redeem yourself.

Nov 4, 2010

15 Most Controversial CollegeCandy Posts Ever

All of the CollegeCandy writers are strong, smart and...er...opinionated people. So we're not surprised when some of our blogs turn into heated battlegrounds. But unlike some other sites, we don’t let this scare us. In fact, we take pride in our super-opinionated writers AND readers. After all, that's the whole point of CollegeCandy -- a place where every college girl gets her voice heard.