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Jan 29, 2012

CC Beauty Live: Say Yes To…

You've seen the Say Yes To brand all over the place unless you've been living under a rock. They've got some awesome lotion and chapstick, and it's all natural, organic, good-for-your-body stuff.

Jan 1, 2012

CC Beauty Live: Eye Popping Makeup

I love black eyeliner and white eye shadow, but I particularly love them together. I was on Pinterest the other day setting up my "CC Beauty Live Inspiration" board, follow me and CollegeCandy and you can pin stuff at us!

Sep 26, 2010

CC Beauty Live: Bye Bye Raccoon Eyes

A few weeks ago I talked about Eye Candy Coolers, small cooling pads that help decrease puffiness under your eyes. Well, this week I wanted to keep with the theme and talk about how to conceal dark circles!

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Sep 12, 2010

CC Beauty Live: Puffy Eyes No More

Between on-campus jobs, late nights at the library and  even later nights at the bar, the college lifestyle can take...

CC Beauty Live: Meooowww! Sexy Cat Eyes

Ever look at pictures of Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox and get caught up in their sultry stares? I do! They are definitely gorgeous ladies and girl crush worthy, but most of that sexy stare down comes from their eyeliner.

Aug 15, 2010

CC Beauty Live: The Daytime Smokey Eye + 50th Episode Surprise!

Sometimes daytime makeup can get boring. And sometimes daytime in general (like when you're at a dull internship) can get really, really boring. And that is when it's time to make a change (hello, Michael Jackson reference) and add a little more oomph to your look.

Jul 25, 2010

CC Beauty Live: Summer Eyes

Finally, it's time for bright eye makeup to liven up your evenings! In the summer, it instantly becomes more acceptable to wear colors other than black or gray at night. I don't know why, but so it is (OMG, too. much. Pretty Wild).

May 30, 2010

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Feb 14, 2010

CC Beauty Live: High End Vs. Drug Store Mascara

Even though I am a beauty guru of sorts (dishing out sage makeup wisdom) and own lots of high end beauty products, I still like to budget shop for drug store options. I am a cost conscious college girl, after all.

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Jan 31, 2010

CC Beauty Live: Daytime Colors

If there's one question I get asked (as the resident beauty expert in my group of friends) it's, "What colors can I wear during the day?" I've heard this question A LOT and my answer is always the same: Wear any color you want!

Dec 26, 2009

CC Beauty Live: Golden Eye

New Year's is almost here and after many nights with a classic smokey eye, I thought it might be nice to change it up. After all, the new year is all about change, right? So I came up with this subtle gold smokey look that will still draw attention to your eyes without the fuss of all that black eyeshadow.

Nov 21, 2009

CC Beauty Live: Mascara For YOUR Eyes

As I was going through the mascara aisle at my local Rite Aid, I saw the same old blacks, dark blacks, super black blacks, and midnight blacks that I usually set my big green eyes on. Then I stumbled upon green mascara for green eyes! I thought it was a little strange, but I was intrigued so I tried it out.

Oct 24, 2009

CC Beauty Live: The Smokey Eye

You've seen it on just about every red carpet from Hollywood to New York. It's glamorous, it's sexy, it's chic... and it's not that hard to do all by yourself. Nope, you don't need a professional makeup artist to smoke out your eyes - you just need a few shadows, a few brushes and the know-how. Which is what this video is all about.

Sep 5, 2009

CC Beauty Live: Naked Eyes

If there is one thing I hate about eye makeup it's that there seems to be only two options for daytime: swiping on the mascara for a casual look, or doing it up so that you look like you're about to go clubbing. Where's the in-between?

Jul 25, 2009

CC Beauty Live: Wake Up Make Up

So you just spent ten minutes of your morning de-puffing your eyes with spoons fresh from your freezer, but your eyes still look tired and small. What's a girl to do? No fear, just use these super simple tricks to make your eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more awake!

May 17, 2009

The Morning After: Blinded By Lust

We've all seen how boys act when they want to make out with you at a club. First, they come up behind you and begin to dance. Maybe you introduce yourselves, maybe you don’t. If they are a good dancer, you continue dancing, and if they suck, you text your friend that you have to go to the bathroom and she comes and pretends that she has to use the facilities at this exact second.

Mar 28, 2009

All Made Up: The Answer To Your Eyelash Prayers

Want longer lashes? (Wow, that sounded like a CoverGirl commercial.) Well, now you can get them WITHOUT MASCARA. Yeah, you heard right.

Feb 6, 2009

The CC Weekly Weigh In: What I Like About Me

Being college-aged women, we tend to spend more time noticing what we hate about ourselves than what we love. We...

Jun 6, 2008

Making the Summer Even Hotter: Summer 2008 Make-Up Trends

The warmth here, the days are longer, and the beach is calling our names…that can only mean one thing: summer...

Nov 15, 2007

Sleep in Your Contacts? You Could Wake Up Blind!

I had the intention of being a contact-wearer. But after a week in high school of trying to get them...