fake orgasm

Apr 19, 2011

He Said/She Said: When Fakin' It is the Only Option

You shouldn't fake it. It's bad to fake it. It's rude to fake it. But the truth is, there's an exception to every rule. And in the case of fakin' a big O, there are three.

Ask A Dude: How Do I Convince Him I Wasn't Faking It?

I'm just going to get to the meat of it. My boyfriend and I were having sex, and I like to be a little vocal when I get there, you know, let him know I appreciate his handy work. Well, this time I got to that place like I have never been there before, and I guess I was more vocal than usual. He stops everything that he is doing, grabs his clothes and leaves.

Jan 12, 2011

The Secret To Why Guys Act The Way They Do

Since I started coaching college women, I feel like I am living in a world of stories about drunken hook-ups, walks of shame and disappointment. Understand, I am not judging AT ALL. Hooking-up is part of the college culture and can be a lot of fun.

Nov 18, 2010

Candy Dish: What Every Woman Needs to Know

• For those of you that need it: how to orgasm. • 5 interesting facts about sex in the USA. • Paris Hilton is acting as someone's MOTHER?! • Paper goes couture (and it's awesome). • Uh, not gonna lie, Nick Jonas is SMOKIN' hot. • It was only a matter of time until this happened.

Oct 11, 2010

Jul 24, 2010

Faking It Like a Pro

There are some things you shouldn't fake but you do anyway. We've all done it. I did it last night. Heavy breathing, a little writhing, a moan or two, and you're got yourself a straight up 'big O.' Hey I just wanted to get some sleep, I was too damn tired for a marathon sex sesh.

Apr 8, 2010

Sexy Time: Stop Faking It!

I learned about fake orgasms from The Simpsons. When I was a kid, I remember watching an episode in which Bart’s class was watching a sex-ed video. In the back of the class, smoking a cigarette, Mrs. Crabapple whispers under her breath “oh, she’s faking it.” Faking what, I didn’t really know at the time, and of course my sister replied to my questions with the standard “I’ll tell you when you’re older,” but it just took a little more whining and she told me everything.

Jan 4, 2010

Candy Dish: Why Do Guys Fake It?

• Cuz they do. A lot. • Bow Wow is a classy guy. • Tyra Banks was a mean boss? Shocking. • Mac gets warm and cozy this season. • What's the deal with Tila Tequila? • 10 iPhone apps we ladies could all use.

Jun 5, 2009

The CC Weekly Weigh In: Advice For The Ladies

Last week I asked the CollegeCandy writers to share their biggest piece of advice for dudes. Then I passive aggressively sent that link to every guy I know. What can I say? I'm a philanthropist.

Apr 30, 2009

Sexy Time: Get to Know the Big O

Last weekend, I had the best orgasm of my life. (I apologize for the over-share, but it really needed to be said.) Days later, as I was thinking about that episode for the 258th time, I realized that I don’t really know much about my best friend, the orgasm.

Mar 27, 2009

The Weekly Wrap Up: Lame on Friday Night

Fridays kill me. On the one hand I want nothing more than to head to the bar to drink away another long week (and simultaneously avoid creepers), but then I'm so tired I can barely get off the couch.

Mar 23, 2009

Fake Orgasms. The Big No.

I’ll be the first to admit that we females are fickle, fickle creatures. Men have a hard time (whether that be their lack of capability or common sense) figuring us out on many levels.

Mar 12, 2009

How To Tell If He’s Faking It

[The following post is courtesy of our homegirls over at YourTango. Well, their male perspective. They’ve been through it all...

Oct 7, 2008

Pillow Talk with Diana: “I’ve Been Faking!”

Q: I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year, and I’ve been faking it about three-fourths of the times ...