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Jan 14, 2017

Girl Found 18 Years After Her Abduction From Florida Hospital, Cries Out ‘Momma’ To Her Jailed Abductor

[UPDATE 10:42am] Kamiyah Mobley, who has gone by Alexis Manigo for her entire life, cried out for her “momma”—Gloria Williams,...

Dec 3, 2016

5-Year-Old Girl Drowns to Death While Her Babysitter Smokes Weed and Meth Inside

The babysitter is charged with aggravated manslaughter by neglect of a child.

Nov 23, 2016

This Woman Shot At Her Guests For Overstaying Their Welcome

So that's what happens when you overstay your welcome.

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Best Grandson Ever Orders Pizza Delivery to Make Sure His Grandma’s OK

After Hurricane Matthew, this grandson had a unique way of checking in on his grandma.

Oct 12, 2016

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Jul 1, 2016

Florida Judge Blocks Parts of New Abortion Law

One more battle in the fight for women's rights.

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Mar 4, 2013

You’re Doing It Wrong: The Federal Budget, Dennis Rodman and the Harlem Shake [CECS]

I'm counting down the weeks to Spring Break, which means one of two things: either it's midterms, or I have senioritis. Wait, I think it's both? Here are the week's top stories.

Nov 6, 2012

Problems Already Cropping Up During Election Day 2012

The polls haven't been open for that long but various media sources are reporting voting issues in many of the key states.

Nov 27, 2011

Facts vs. Fiction: Going to School in Florida

I spent this past summer in New York City, and I met a lot of people. When I told them I went to school in Florida, they acted like I was an alien. I was no longer allowed to complain how hot it was during a HEAT WAVE because “Aren’t you used to the heat? You’re from FLORIDA!” So I’m going to clear up some rumors about going to school in Florida, and then I’m going to go back to lying on the beach.

Mar 14, 2010

Overheard: Maya on Faya

(Guy, girl, in a restaurant.) Guy: I've heard from Davis and Florida State. Girl: Wait, Florida State? Where's that?

Dec 31, 2009

CollegeCandy’s BCS Bowl Guide!

As a student at a Big Ten school, football has become my soul purpose in life. From crackin' the first beer in the shower at 6am on game day to FB-stalking the quarterback (shhh!), my world revolves around a bunch of dudes in spandex tackling each other on some astro turf.

Feb 26, 2009

Love Em or Hate Em: Huaraches

My family used to go down to Florida every December to visit my snow-bird grandparents. We would stay at a...

Jan 25, 2009

Super Bowl 101: Tidbits You’ll Need to Know for the Big Game

The Super Bowl is only a week away. Yes, one week. One week until buffalo wing/pizza/guacamole heaven. One week until...

Dec 26, 2008

WTF Friday: Thanks for Sharing

I love bagels and when guys nibble on my ear, but you don’t see me announcing that on my license...

Oct 6, 2008

Voter Registration in Virginia Defies Expectations

If you’re from Ohio, Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Florida, Indiana and Colorado,...

Sep 19, 2008

Take a Moment to Save a Life

I’ll be honest: I’m a bitch. I have no problem telling it like it is, talking about someone behind his/her...

Aug 1, 2008

Debbie Does…Retirement?: 73-Year-Old Porn Star Rulz the Screen in Japan

You gotta love Japanese culture. They always find a way to surprise you with their little quirks and pleasantries. I...

May 27, 2008

The Agony and the Ecstacy: When Neighbors Have Loud Sex

Once upon a time, I lived in a very small apartment with my significant other. The price was right, the...

May 12, 2008

7.8 Quake Rocks China, Myanmar death toll nears 32,000 (and more)

Bye-bye Hillary… As more and more news outlets and political insiders come out in support of Senator Barack Obama as...

May 9, 2008

“France or Florida?”: FOL 3 Recap, Episode 13

So they are going to France. I really hope that in this episode that there is some action. Funny, violent,...

May 5, 2008

How To Deal With Reverse Homesickness

So you’ve finished your first year of college! You’re relieved, excited, and filled with pride (hopefully) at your academic accomplishment....

Apr 28, 2008

Austrian Imprisons and Impregnates Daughter, Florida Senate Passes Vehicular Emasculation Bill, Reverend Wright’s Latest Defense, (and more!)

Hello! This is the inaugural article of the College Candy Kaleidoscope: a summary of the day’s news. I am your...

Mar 12, 2008

Life As A Disney Cast Member: Stuff the Mouse Would Kill Me For Telling You

You know you’ve thought about being a princess. Don’t try to lie and say you haven’t. Even the most tom-boyish...

Jan 29, 2008

Spend Spring Break in the Galapagos, Help the Earth

January may be almost over, and February may have nothing for you to look forward to except Valentine’s Day (which,...

Oct 25, 2007

Candy Dish: Japanese Toy Boobs! Aww

• When the going gets rough, the Japanese make toys. • There’s something about Florida and incompetent people that will...

Sep 3, 2007

Babysitter Smokes Joint; Posts Pictures

Okay, so I admit it. Sometimes, when I babysit, I totally go into the fridge and eat some food. And...

Aug 17, 2007

Shot of the Week: Key Lime Pie

I do enjoy a good key lime pie. But it’s so hard to find a restaurant that does it right....

Aug 8, 2007

Daily Dose of Weird: Hat-Monkey Breaches Security

If only there was a way to interview the monkey! Last Tuesday, passengers aboard a Spirit Airlines jet flying from...