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Oct 12, 2009

Would You Like a Vagina Mint?

First there was douche. We let those commercials for vagina potpourri slide by, even though sucking out our precious woman fluids isn’t healthy. Then came the WaterWorks commercials, which literally advertise a mini showerhead you stick up your vaginal canal to rinse it. Then wet wipes started popping up on toilet tanks nationwide. And now….the vagina mint.

Sep 3, 2009

God Loves a Little Forepray

We are all living the holier-than-thou lifestyle, obvi. If premarital sex, Gossip Girl story lines and excessive binge drinking is all okay by God, that is. Perhaps these aren’t on the Catholic list of acceptable behavior, but for those of us college students living it up during our undergrad years, I have some good news for you.

Jul 23, 2009

The Doctor Is In: Why Does Sex Hurt Me?

Q: I am not in a serious relationship, so I don’t have sex very often. When I do, though, it always hurts. Sometimes even more than the first time. Why is that? Is there something I can do so it doesn’t hurt anymore?

He Said/She Said: Can’t Get It Up

So you're on your way to Sexy Town with your boy. There is heavy petting, clothes are flying around the room and you're reeling to go when - oh no - he can' it. He keeps trying to get things working, but it's too late. The "moment" is lost.

Jul 8, 2009

Heading South of My Border? Yessss, Please!

Taking a walk with some friends one day, sipping coffee and having one of those hilarious TMI sex conversations you sometimes slip into with people you know really well, I heard something that stopped me mid-iced latte. Totally casually, as though it was no big deal, a friend asked if the rest of us enjoyed receiving oral sex, because she really, well, didn’t.

Jun 22, 2009

Cosmo Says the Darndest Things: May Edition

This month, Cosmo released its annual “Sexy” issue. In it, they provide various, previously printed tips for seducing your man, or just feeling hot in general (apparently, paying my bills in the nude will make it “less painful.” Uh, I probably would have named something else as number 32 on the list of 50 Things to Do Naked, but that’s just me).

Mar 12, 2009

Sexy Time: Sex for Your Health?

We all love to sex because, frankly, it’s fun and it feels good. But what if there was another benefit...

Dec 22, 2008

Science Will Turn You On

Here’s an invention for the sex kitten in all of us: scientists in the UK have developed a chip that...

Nov 25, 2008

Tuffy Luv Sez, For Real Real Or For Gay Gay?

Email your old (BUT NOT TOO OLD, DAMMIT!!!) friend Tuffy at [email protected] to get answers to your craziest questions. No...

Oct 26, 2008

Awkward Firsts: Losing Your Virginity Isn’t Always Fun

Some women get to have the dreamy, stereotypical first time. The love of your life surprises you with a romantic...

Sep 26, 2008

Hey, I’ve Seen You Naked…Nice Weather We’re Having

Just because you’ve finally hooked up with someone, doesn’t mean anything has been solidified or any questions have been answered....

Jun 15, 2008

Yours, Mine and Our-gasms

After hearing about KY Brand‘s new Yours & Mine couples lubricants, I was mildly intrigued. After seeing a few more...

Mar 9, 2008

Your Hot Tub Is Stupid: An Open Letter to My Ex

Dear Ex BF, It has been awhile since we parted ways, but that doesn’t mean that I forgot all the...