May 26, 2020

A Potential Glee Reboot In The Future?

Here’s something that all you fellow “gleeks” could look forward to. Ryan Murphy, who is one of the co-creators of...

Aug 7, 2019

‘Home Alone’ Is Getting A Disney Reboot & Twitter Is Not Happy

Twitter is screaming with their face in their hands like they just put on their dad’s aftershave upon learning that...

Jun 21, 2019

RuPaul’s New Daytime Talk Show: Full Story & Details

RuPaul is the man who can “werk” in any situation from music, reality television, movies, and now host a daytime...

Modern Family Final Season: Release Date & Must-See Details

After 10 seasons of Modern Family, co-creators have decided to produce a final and 11th season. Renewed after the establishment of Haley's pregnancy in season 10, Levitan spoke to THR about the potential for season 11.

May 9, 2019

Here Is Beverly Hills, 90210 Reboot Teaser & Premiere Date

The gang of West Beverly is back in a new reboot!

May 9, 2019

LIVE STREAM: ‘MasterChef Junior’ Season 7 Premiere – Watch Online

After almost a year off the air, the adorable Fox reality series MasterChef Junior returns tonight for its season 7...

Mar 12, 2019

Sep 22, 2016

A Woman Joins San Diego Padres Major League Baseball Team

"You're not a Girl Scout, rookie. You're a ball player."

Sep 16, 2015

'Fox & Friends' Hosts Want Emily Blunt To Leave Hollywood

Fox & Friends hosts need to learn how to take a joke.

May 7, 2015

'The Mindy Project' Got Cancelled But There's Still Hope We Might See It Again

Fox decided to break our hearts, and Hulu might be our rescuer.

Feb 10, 2015

Glee: First Look at Coach Beiste, Transgender Character

Coach Beiste first look as a transgender man

Oct 28, 2014

The Dude Recaps: "Sleepy Hollow" Season 2, Episode 6

“Once a hero, always a hero.” Meet Joe Corben, the son of the dearly departed Sheriff Corben (this show could...

Oct 21, 2014

The Dude Recaps: "Sleepy Hollow," Season 2, Episode 5

Oh, right! Katrina’s still around. This week Sleepy Hollow shifted character focus to give us an episode dealing more directly...

Oct 14, 2014

The Dude Recaps: "Sleepy Hollow," Season 2, Episode 4

Okay, let’s get the most important point out of the way: ICHABOD CAN DRIVE! More on that later. This week’s...

Oct 15, 2012

11 Women On TV He’ll Be Drooling Over All Fall [Dude’s List]

Having given in to my studious nature, I’m happy to produce for you 11 women you should feel threatened by over the next few months. Don’t worry, not in a literal sense, just in a “my boyfriend’s totally thinking about how hot she looks” kind of sense.

Sep 18, 2010

TV Premiere Overload

If fantasy football is a good enough reason for guys to disappear for days on end, then I hereby give you permission to set aside the textbooks and turn off your cell phone for what is going to be the greatest (and most stressful) week of TV all year. It seems like every. freaking. show. on TV is premiering this week. Not sure how you're going to fit it all in??