Aug 29, 2010

The Morning After: The Surprise Parental Visit

After months of leading me on, the boy I was falling in love with decided to hook up with one of my hall mates. I probably wouldn't have even found out had I not woken up early that Saturday morning to go for a run...and found him walking down the hall with his shirt inside-out and his shoes in his hand.

Aug 18, 2010

Drink Yourself Successful

Dearest CollegeCandy readers, I trust by now you’ve heard we’re big supporters of Boxed Wine Wednesday and Thirsty Thursdays. And Get Drunk For No Reason Saturdays....and Mondays. You’ve seen our reports on the endless benefits of boozing. Some of you have agreed with our debauched ways, while others balked that constant drinking is wrong.

Aug 3, 2010

25 Things to Do Before You’re 25

Your college experience flies by so fast that you're often stuck standing in line for graduation wondering where the past four years went. You vaguely remember meeting your best friend when she held your hair back after your first frat party and you kinda remember that all-nighter you pulled to get 3 term papers done in one night.

RIP Thomas Angove, Inventor of Boxed Wine

Yesterday was a very sad day for college students around the globe. Thomas Angove, inventor of boxed wine, died at the age of 92. Was it a coincidence that he chose Boxed Wine Wednesday to make his departure? I think not. The man was devoted to his life's work until the end.

The Pissed List: Friends Don’t Let Friends Date A**holes

[I like to think of myself as a pretty easy going gal, and try not to sweat the small stuff....

Come on, All the Cool (College) Kids Are Doing It

“Come on– all the cool kids are doing it.” You probably thought you escaped peer pressure when you got your...

Nov 25, 2008

Oct 26, 2008

Hangover Fashion: So Easy a Lush Could Do It

Alright people, let’s get two things straight. 1) I love (loooove) drinking and 2) I am pretty damn serious about...

Oct 10, 2008

Drinking Games On the Go (That Won’t Get You a DUI)

Some of my favorite weekends and least regrettable hangovers are courtesy of long nights spent playing traveling drinking games. Forget...

Sep 21, 2008

Emmy Fashion 2008 – The Best of the Best

There is nothing better than a Sunday evening with french fries, Franzia and fashion. The Emmy Awards are on right...

Sep 1, 2008

Note To Self: You Are Not in College Anymore

After far too long without college football, I took a trip back up to my old school to watch the...

Aug 30, 2008

Boxing Should Be the New Beer Pong

I remember my life before I discovered Franzia and its wine-in-a-box counterparts. I was developing a hunchback from lugging a...

Aug 30, 2008

Hooking Up With Your RA: Right On, or Wrong Turn?

Listen up incoming freshmen: in a few weeks, you’re going to find yourself on a huge college campus full of...

Aug 5, 2008

Nine Reasons I Can’t Wait to Go Back to School (!!!)

9. I HAVE FRIENDS As soon as I arrive home from school for summer break I spend the next three...