May 10, 2011

14 Food Staples in Every College Kitchen

College Students are creatures of habit. We hang out with the same people. Got to the same bars. Buy the same types of clothes. Take the same classes. And you can't blame us really. We know what we like. We know what works. So why change a good thing, right? Right. But not only does that apply to clothes and classes, it also applies to the kitchen. Because if there is one thing that has been made a college cliche, it's college food.

Oct 31, 2010

Intro to Cooking: Hangover Helpers!

As you're reading this, you're probably shifting back and forth between Internet Explorer and iTunes as you queue up another power hour for you and the girls, as you get ready for this blessed day of most outlandish makeup and dress, Halloween. However, tomorrow morning, reality will set in. It breaks my heart, but you will discover you are not actually Lady Gaga, and you do have a term paper due on Friday.

Body Blog: Feel The (After)Burn?

Ever wonder why those treacherous treadmill sessions haven't turned you into the next Gisele? Are you one of those people who thinks that you can eat a slice of pizza after leaving the gym because the body is supposed to burn more fat on days that you exercise? Well, step away from the pizza, woman.

The Rival Rundown: Florida vs. Florida State

I live in NY, where it has gotten really. effing. cold. Naturally I've been dreaming of what life would have been like had I gone to school in a more temperate climate where you can tailgate in flip flops. Such is the way things go in the Sunshine State, where the University of Florida and Florida State University have, quite literally, one of the hottest rivalries around.

Oct 21, 2009

College Myths Debunked: Some Hair of the Dog That Bit You

It’s no secret that much of the college social life revolves around drinking. We drink to celebrate, mourn, express loyalty to our football teams, to ease boredom, hell, some people drink to make homework a little more interesting. Well, all that super fun drinking sometimes results in not-so-fun consequences, like the raging, horrific hangover trying to escape your brain by splitting it open.

Aug 10, 2009

5 Things to Learn Your First Week on Campus

I learned more my first week at college than I did in my entire life. And I don’t mean academically. I mean socially, financially, emotionally and drunk-ly. Some things took longer to figure out than others (that I should visit the ATM before I get to the bar, to avoid extra fees and my tendency to tipsily make it rain) and other things took mere minutes...

Jan 27, 2009

We’ve All Been There: The Morning-After Recap

[It doesn’t matter what school you go to, what state it is in, how big it is, whether it is...

Jan 22, 2009

Proven: If You’re Athletic, You Don’t Have to Be Smart

In 2008’s least shocking expose, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution dredged the sweat-stained pit of college academics and came up with, essentially,...

Sep 21, 2008

Overheard On Campus: “Freshmen?!”

[Every week, CC and John will bring you some of the wierdest, funniest, saddest things he hears on his college...

Aug 7, 2008

All You Need is The Slightest Touch

If people judged me only by what they read on this site, they would think I am quite obsessed with...

Jul 15, 2008

Drunken Apologies. An Open Letter.

Dear Friends/Family/That Random Taxi Driver That Picked Me Up and Took Me Home After Finding Me Face First On The...

Nov 3, 2007

E-Boost: It’ll Put a Spring in Your Step

Where other energy drinks barely deliver what they advertise – giving you a quick rush accompanied by a feeling of...