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Apr 22, 2015

Celeb Dudes Who Aren't Afraid To Rock A Dress Or Skirt

Photo courtesy David Bowie/Twitter Bruce Jenner may have been spotted in a dress outside of his Malibu, CA home, but...

Feb 24, 2012

What's Next For Gerard Butler? Rehab!

The good news is that Butler realized the magnitude of the situation and decided to check himself into rehab to prevent the addiction from getting even more serious.

Apr 26, 2011

10 Fit Dudes Men's Fitness Missed

So if you're our fan of CollegeCandy on Facebook, you've most likely already seen the 25 dudes Men's Fitness' named most fit. If you haven't, here you go. (Hell, even if you already looked through that photo album 10 times, it's worth giving it another once over....You know I'm right.)

Beer Goggles Explained

You slowly open your eyes. It feels like your mouth is filled with cotton balls, you start frantically grabbing for water. But - ouch - there is a bruise on your left arm the size of K-Fed's gut. You're still wearing the clothes from last night and suddenly images of a boy pop into your hazy mind. You feel the warmth of a body beside you in your bed. Then you remember.

Candy Dish: More Deets From The David Boreanaz Affair

• Rachel Uchitel's texts to David Boreanaz have leaked. • The worst wedding DJ EVER. • Taylor Momsen is such a rebel. • 7 reasons to learn how to cook. • Probably not the healthiest snacks. • Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson get in a boy brawl.

May 13, 2010

Candy Dish: The Stage is Set for the Final Four

• But who's gonna take it?Gerard Butler is naughty! • 10 LBDs for under $100. • Surprise! Everyone hates Chris Brown.Smell like summer. Mmmmm. • You can be casual and chic. Just try these on for size.

Mar 29, 2010

Mar 10, 2010

Candy Dish: What Happened to Corey Haim?

• RIP Corey Haim. • Betty White is coming! • Jennifer and Gerard get down and diiiirty. • ZOMG. Animals in casts are so cute. • Omitting Farrah Fawcett was not an accident. • 10 children's characters who were def on drugs. • Student journalists thrown in jail?!

Feb 12, 2010

Candy Dish: Seduce Him Now

• 10 easy ways to make your man weak in the knees • Are Jen and Gerard meant to be? • Ke$ha likes drag queens and other useful info. • Lady Gaga's latest crazy look. • What's wrong with President Clinton? • Valentine's Day cards we wish existed.

Jul 29, 2009

Sure, They May Look Hot…

Let's be honest, there is no one hotter in Hollywood right now than Adrian Grenier, Robert Pattinson (droooool), Gerard Butler and Jeremy Piven. Seeing these guys on screen makes my heart hurt, because I know deep down that never in my life will I have the chance to meet them, let alone see them in the buff.

Jul 17, 2009

Who Is Best For Jennifer Aniston? [Poll]

Jennifer Aniston has definitely dated her fair share of men. Between hot stuff Brad, hilarious Vince and singer John, the boyfriend list is very diverse and goes on for quite a while. Of course, she has been rumored to date more people that have actually been confirmed, but photos do not lie.

Oct 26, 2007

Who’s Hollywood’s Ultimate Hottie? has decided that it’s time to finally answer the question of “Hollywood’s Hottest” by putting it up to YOU,...