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Aug 22, 2009

Knock, Knock…Who’s There? Sexual Interruptions

You finally made it over to the bed. His shirt is off, your underwear is soaring across the room. The lights are dim. The bed is quickly being destroyed. Lips are locked and you’re ready for sexy time. And then you hear the tap, tap, tap at the door. Ah, interruptions during sex.

Jun 10, 2009

Bad Advice Men Get: Phase Out the Best Friend

The article lists a number of steps to help the reader deal when the girl he is dating has a close male friend. The first few sound OK: don't express jealousy, meet the best friend, be nice to her best friend, find out their history, etc. The steps all seem pretty normal and natural in any relationship, but don't be fooled.

Feb 11, 2009

Single on Valentine’s Day? Lucky You!

Do you want to throw up on everyone who wears pink and red on February 14? Do you want to...

We’ve All Been There: The Morning-After Recap

[It doesn’t matter what school you go to, what state it is in, how big it is, whether it is...

We’ve All Been There: The Drunk Email

[It doesn’t matter what school you go to, what state it is in, how big it is, whether it is...

The Perks of Having Roommates

In April, I made a decision that I knew would undoubtedly change the rest of my college experience: I signed...

Aug 24, 2008

Surviving the Long Distance Relationship

I've been in an on and off relationship with this guy for eight years. Yes, we first started dating when I was about ten. That's a very long time, and we've been through a lot, including six month periods of not talking at all. Times where I was depressed and mopey and times where I was rebellious and happy.

Aug 21, 2008

Hoes Over Bros – Why It Never Works

Once upon a time, there was a girl. And her friend. And a boy. Girl meets boy, girl likes boy,...

Jul 1, 2008

Shop Till You Drop…For Free!

Is the economy killing you? Yeah? (Join the club. I can’t even afford mixers for my vodka anymore.) Don’t wanna...

Jun 13, 2008

5 Horrendous Ways to Break up with Someone

As that song your mother listens to on the Oldies station says, “breaking up is hard to do (oo).” Especially...

Jun 9, 2008

Ahoy Sailors! The Fleet Comes To The West Coast!

I know The Fleet has come and gone from the East coast, but now it has made it’s way to...

Feb 15, 2008

Get Him to Call You When YOU Want Him To

My girlfriends are always freakin’ out about dudes. And I can’t really blame them. After all, it is rare that...

Sep 7, 2007

Yep. I Got Dumped. Fantastic.

We’ve all been there…right?? Getting dumped? It’s happened to us all? Yes? …please say yes, so I don’t feel horribly...