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Jun 1, 2011

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Gisele Smolders in Sparkles

It's a no-brainer to look to models for fashionspiration. Their whole professional life revolves around clothes, and inevitably, their personal style is a cut above the rest as a result. Gisele Bundchen is no exception.

Jun 24, 2010

Candy Dish: Cure That Summer Boredom!

• 25 inexpensive or free ways to cure summer boredom. • Rachel Zoe really shouldn't talk ish about former employees. • More bad news for Al Gore. • 24 things single women wish they could tell men. • Wanna win a $2500 Versace shopping spree?! • This is Gisele. After she had a baby. FML.

May 27, 2010

Celebrating Celebrity “Flaws”: Natural Noses

It seems like every time you go online another celebrity got a nose job due to "a deviated septum." It's ridiculous that they expect us to believe that and even more ridiculous that they got it done in the first place. Big noses don't mean you can't be a big beauty and today we're all about the women who embrace what their mama (and papa) gave 'em.

Candy Dish: Madonna Cougars It Up Again

• Who's Madonna's latest boy (literally) toy? • What's in the stars for Paris and Doug? • Is he stringing you along? • Kendra is really sad about the Super Bowl. • Would you wear ultra-high heels? • Behold: the hottest baby ever.

Feb 9, 2010

We Hate You, Punxsatawney Phil (and Others)

As most of you know, Punxsutawney Phil woke up and saw his shadow this morning, alerting us that, yes, there will be six more weeks of hell winter. What a prick! Six more weeks of bundling up like an Eskimo for the walk to class? Six more weeks of a constant runny nose and ghostly white complexion? Six more weeks that my wardrobe will consist 100% of sweatpants and Uggs?

CC Beauty Live: Loose Waves

I used to think I was so cool with my crunchy, scrunched waves back in middle school. And then I realized I was wrong. There's nothing cute about crunchy hair. But unless you really know what you're doing, it's hard to achieve pretty, natural looking waves, especially with a ton of mousse and scrunching.

Jan 9, 2010

Feb 27, 2009

Candy Dish: Tom And Gisele Tie The Knot

Move over Brangelina; there is a new hot couple in town. Katy Perry needs a new stylist. Get ready to...

Jan 28, 2009

The 5 Questions We Ask Everyone: Celebrity Hair Stylist, Harry Josh

If it’s one thing we’ve learned here at CC, it’s that all people are fascinating (Yes, even your econ professor)....

Dec 26, 2008

Candy Dish: Tom Brady and Gisele Getting Married!

Gisele put a ring on it. And this is why you should never get drunk and go outside on a...

Sep 5, 2007

Gisele: Super Model, Super Biaaatch!

If it’s at all possible, I feel really bad for Bridget Moynahan. Not only is she mostly known as the...

Apr 18, 2007

Scarlett’s Got the Sexiest Body in the World

I have to give it to you, Scarlett. According to Glamour’s “Sexiest Body in the World” poll, you’ve just beaten...