Dec 5, 2012

Anne Hathaway Discusses Weight Insecurities [Candy Dish]

We all know about the infamously unhealthy way she lost 25 pounds in just a couple of weeks for her role in Les Miserable, but Anne Hathaway, even after trimming down what was already an amazing bod, is still unsure about herself. Anne reveals she has an obsessive eye when it comes to her body. Although it is definitely relatable, it totally blows that many women have struggle to find a healthy self-image.

Dec 6, 2011

Glamour Says The Darndest Things: January Edition

It's extremely fitting that the first official Glamour issue of 2012 (and the last one to hit newsstands in 2011) features the Kardashian sisters. Could they have been any more overexposed this year? The answer is probably yes, but I must admit that the Kardashian ladies are my not-so-secret, not-so-guilty pleasure.

Oct 11, 2011

Glamour Says the Darnedest Things: November Edition

This month's issue is pretty inoffensive. There was a strong emphasis on health, which I appreciate. And I was reminded that Mercury retrograde falls over Thanksgiving this year, so I'm already mentally preparing for a hot mess holiday of ridiculous proportions. Even the relationship section was less horrific than usual.

Glamour Says The Darndest Things: October Edition

This month, Glamour's resident gentleman has decided to enlighten us with four fashion choices that totally turn guys off.

Sep 20, 2011

Do You Know Glamour's Woman of the Year?

Admittedly, some amazing women are more worthy of an award than others. Think more along the lines of your sorority sister who organizes the beyond spectacular philanthropy events each year, not the girl who can masterfully dance on the bar in a mini dress without having a Brit slip. Well, Glamour is looking for you to brag about all the truly amazing women in your life.

Jun 25, 2011

Glamour Says The Darndest Things: July Edition

As you can tell by the headlines of this month's issue, Glamour is reveling in summer superficiality - tips on battling humidity hair, finding the best shorts for your body and a little bit of unnecessary warm-weather specific slut shaming are all present in this issue. Of course, the best part of the issue is the insight into how males feel when they're naked.

Jun 21, 2011

Jun 14, 2011

An Open Letter to Sex & The City

We city dwellers and big-city hopefuls would greatly appreciate it if you didn't create another Sex & The City movie. Ever heard the term "three's a crowd?" Yeah, well, however cliché it may sound, it's incredibly appropriate for your dreams of a potentially disastrous third movie. So, since we've been hearing rumors that it's a possibility, we thought it was a good time to sit down and talk.

Apr 26, 2011

Glamour Says The Darndest Things: May 2011 Edition

This issue of Glamour was made for summer. It featured three separate cover girls - Frieda Pinto, Emma Stone, and Ashley Greene - all rocking gorgeous beach-inspired looks. The pages were filled with beautiful bathing suits, feminine pastels, and an obscene (but totally acceptable) amount of floral prints.

Feb 22, 2011

Glamour Says The Darndest Things: March Edition

Diane Kruger is a certified, regulation, top-tier hottie. I mean, she is ethereal enough to have been cast as Helen of Troy. She is currently boning and betrothed to wed Joshua Jackson (PACEY!) And she somehow managed to make stilted sexyface look alluring and hot on this month's cover of Glamour. And I'm absolutely gagging (in the best possible way) over her cover ensemble.

Dec 14, 2010

Glamour Says the Darndest Things: January Edition

January's Glamour cover claims that it's the happy issue. Coincidentally, this is one of the lightest mags I've ever picked up. I found this issue uninspired at worst, and bland at best.

Dec 2, 2010

Fashion Porn: Get it on with Glamour

Around the holidays there are a lot of reasons to dress up, and I'm not talking about putting on anything but sweats (which in college might feel like dressing up). I'm talking up getting all dolled up for a special occasion. Whether you have a sorority formal, a fancy party to go to with the family, or need something special for New Years Eve, now is a good time to start scoping out looks.

Nov 23, 2010

Glamour Says The Darndest Things: December Edition

For an issue that is supposed to be inspiring women, I was feeling pretty dejected reading through it. Glamour made me feel skanky, unhygienic, and sexually unadventurous. And then I came across an article that was so absurd that I had no choice but to feel a lot better about myself because at least I'm not clueless enough to take this advice seriously.

Oct 12, 2010

Glamour Says the Darndest Things: November Edition

I am completely and unabashedly Team Kanye, so I should have rolled my eyes and sighed most despondently when I saw Taylor Swift on the cover of Glamour this month. But I'm mildly fascinated with Miss Taylor.

Sep 14, 2010

Glamour Says the Darndest Things: October Edition

It's clear that Glamour hates Lea Michele as much as I do. (Yes, I said it. Lea Michele emits this aura of entitled smugness that I cannot help but to scrunch up my nose at. Also, Glee is awful. Grownup Kidz Bop interpretations of songs + stale caricature characters? I'll pass.) I can't deny the girl is gorgeous, though.