Jun 7, 2015

The Difference Between Venting & Sh*t-Talking

I don't care what anyone says - there is a difference between venting and shit-talking (aka gossiping).

Mar 16, 2015

New Couple Alert: Chris Evans & Lily Collins

Looks like Captain America and Snow White are an item!

Jan 4, 2013

Which A-List Couple Is Contractually Obligated To Date For Three Months? [Sugar Binge]

Yeah, it's all just speculation but it's the most harmless way of participating in celebrity news. You're not making fun of anyone. Not posting any salacious pictures. None of it can be true. It's almost like celebrity fan fiction.

Candy Dish: Be Lazy

• Being lazy is good for you. • This 8-year-old is more hardcore than you. • Meryl Streep: Schmoozing for reviews? • American Idol wannabe has many arrests in her past. • 9 actresses who have played vampires. • How to make your boyfriend's friends hate you

Jan 19, 2012

Sex in the News: Not Another Teen Mom

Take away the lights, the camera, and the millions of viewers and wonder what it would actually be like to go through senior year of high school with a baby bump. Would you feel anxious and excited or alone and scared? Would your family and friends support you or leave you and your growing belly behind?

What Makes a Celeb Worthy of the Word?

So I was browsing through the ridiculous number of blogs I visit daily, catching up on the celeb gossip and entertainment, when I came across this post. Now I like to consider myself a bit of a pop culture connoisseur. I know my celebrities. My TV. My gossip. My entertainment. I know who the next big thing is before they even do and I'm proud of it. So the fact that I had no idea who this girl was until I caught a glimpse of the Teen Mom headline is really saying something.

Apr 7, 2011

Jan 21, 2011

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Hollywood Can't Take A Joke

This week, the Golden Globes happened along with a lot of other fun stuff! Celebs got pissed, celebs got engaged, celebs broke up, and some celebs even had secret babies! All in all, a well-rounded week, I'd say.

Jan 2, 2011

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Roommate Happy

Living with friends is fun and there’s (almost) never a dull moment. There’s no awkward “Hi, I’m Alex” stage where you don’t know really how to act around your new roommate and none of that awkward/hesitant asking "if it's okay if your roommate, you know, turns off the lights because it's four in the morning, maybe." But with any roommate no matter if she’s a friend or random, disaster strikes because you left your hairbrush out for the third time in a row.

Dec 31, 2010

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Hollywood Falls in Love

Maybe in an attempt to make up for all the cheating and divorcing that went on this past year, half of Hollywood seemed to get engaged over the holidays. I guess they really let the Christmas spirit get to them. Either way, congrats celebs.

Dec 24, 2010

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Hollywood Gets Ready for the Holidays

Besides Lindsay Lohan being Lindsay Lohan and a few other tidbits of news, celebrity gossip was pretty slow this week....

Dec 22, 2010

Resolutions for the Annoying People in Your Life

It’s almost the big 20-11 and that means it’s time to make your list of New Year’s Resolutions. Or more importantly make resolutions for all the absolutely annoying people around you -- or should we say, resolutions to help you deal with them better. You know, so you don't strangle anyone this year.

Nov 3, 2010

CollegeCandy Goes to Hollywood

Your very favorite site, College Candy, just got you the biggest Hollywood hook-up in town. We're launching a video series designed to help bring you the latest and the greatest from the gossip scene. Yep, that's right. You don't even need to make the effort to read your celebrity news and scandals. All you have to do is click RIGHT HERE. So go make yourself some popcorn heat up ramen, sit back, and get ready to enjoy the show.

Oct 29, 2010

Gossip Cheat Sheet: What The Eff?

Wowza, we thought last week was bad! This week just womped it! There have been all kinds of crazy flying around this week, and it's only getting worse. At the rate we're going, nervous for what's to come next week.