Sep 9, 2019

The 6 Most Common Hangover Cures That Turn Out To Be Myths

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a fun night of going out, a night in with friends, a dinner with...

Nov 8, 2015

22 Stages of Your Sunday Hangover Explained in GIFs

Sundays are bittersweet. While it is still the weekend, it’s hard to avoid the feelings of impending doom of the...

Dec 14, 2014

10 Signs Your Hangover Has Reached a New Level

7. You have to sit down in the shower.

May 20, 2011

Friday Faves: Dealing With Hangovers. Ughhh.

Unfortunately, there is no magic home remedy (although I can tell you that hungover medical students have been known to hook themselves up to bags of IV fluid, which I’ve been told works wonders!). To some degree, a hangover is just par for the course - one of those lessons the Universe likes to teach us to keep us out of trouble. But assuming the deed is done, what can you do to minimize your suffering? Here are a few tips:

Feb 18, 2011

Where's The Weirdest Place You've Ever Woken Up?

College life can get pretty crazy -- especially when alcohol gets involved. Especially when that alcohol comes from a cooler labeled Jungle Juice. So this week we were in the mood to hear some crazy "only in college" stories and asked you in our weekly Monday Facebook poll "where's the weirdest place you've ever woken up?"

Jan 28, 2011

What's The Worst Hangover Advice You've Ever Gotten?

The only thing worse than a horrible hangover is horrible hangover advice. Because the last thing you need when your head is pounding and you're leaning over the toilet is someone telling you to chug 8 egg yolks, spin around backwards, and brush your hair 17 times.

Jan 23, 2011

Morning After: Okay, Maybe Wine Juice Boxes Aren't a Good Idea

Wine is cheap in Europe, super cheap. I made that discovery early on during my semester abroad, and took advantage of it during my spring break in Italy. As all college students know, boxed wine in the States is a great invention which allows for portable drinking, but this idea has been one-upped in Europe, with the creation of what my friends and I would lovingly refer to as "wine boxes."

Jan 9, 2011

Morning After: Never Drinking Again

It's safe to say that my New Year's Eve celebration got way out of control this year. This year my college friends and I decided to go all out for the night. It's our last year of college and we barely even talk to our home friends anymore, so it made perfect sense that we have a mid-break reunion in the big city.

Dec 3, 2010

Friday Faves: The 6 Stages of Getting Drunk

It wouldn't be a Friday night if you weren't incredibly inebriated and on the verge of getting a record-breaking 10th DUI. But how did you get from your desk in the library to this high-speed car chase?

Nov 23, 2010

11 Things in College I’m Not Thankful For [GALLERY]

With study sessions fueled by Hot Pockets and Monster energy drinks, Thanksgiving has been the light at the end of this dark tunnel. Seeing family and friends, eating a hearty home-cooked meal, and doing absolutely nothing but sleeping and shopping for days in a row... it's almost too good to be true.