Healthy Eating

Nov 4, 2020

Protected: 5 Healthy Snack Ideas for Busy Students

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Sep 9, 2020

Top 5 Best Ways To Stay Fit In 2020

The new year often means New Year’s resolutions. The number one contender of most people’s list is losing weight or...

8 Simple Ways to Get Healthy During Quarantine

Since we’ve been under quarantine restrictions for some time now, we’ve, most likely, developed some habits regarding our mental and...

May 13, 2020

Best 10 Mood-Boosting Foods To Avoid The Quarantine 15

We all have different ways of coping with the coronavirus quarantine but one thing is for sure: we’re all eating...

Apr 22, 2020

Bon Appetit: 2020 Golden Globes Plant Based Menu

The 77th annual Golden Globes were held on January 5, 2020. This year though, the show went meatless. Guests at...

Dec 30, 2019

New Year Resolutions 2020: Less Sugar

Most people are eating a lot more sugar than they realize. Added sugar is concealed in nearly 70 percent of...

Dec 17, 2019

Plant-Based Foods: Top Food Trend of 2019

With people becoming more health-conscious, diets like Paleo and Keto have fluctuated in popularity over the years. In 2019 though,...

Jul 15, 2019

Top 5 Must-Know Weight-Loss Diets + Tips

There are many reasons people engage in healthy lifestyles. Either they want to lose or maintain weight, medical conditions or...

Apr 1, 2019

Top 5 Best Power Snacks To Wake You Up In Class

Stay alert and healthy with these foods.

Mar 22, 2019

Eating Healthy Starts With the Right Kitchen Gadgets

When it comes to eating healthier, there’s no better place to start than right at home. Knowing where your food...

Mar 7, 2019

The 5 Reasons Why Celery Juice Is Amazing For You

A wellness trend that's here to stay

Sep 28, 2018

The 10 Best Wellness Instagram Accounts To Follow Today

Be more mindful of your Instagram feed.