holiday parties

Dec 15, 2018

The 6 Best Glitter Eye Shadows For Holiday Parties 2018

What makeup look screams holiday party better than one that’s accented with a glittery eyeshadow? No matter if it’s a...

Dec 8, 2018

Top 10 Non-Ugly Holiday Sweaters You Should Buy Now

Ugly holiday sweaters definitely have had their moment in the spotlight, but not everyone wants to flaunt that ostentatious of...

Dec 16, 2015

7 Guys You Will Meet At A Holiday Party

There's just something about the holiday season that has everybody feeling some type of way.

Don't Freak Out! Here's What to Wear On Christmas [CC Loobook]

Sure you want to dress up and enjoy these special occasions but that doesn't mean you have to do look like an extra from Gossip Girl. When this much glitter is involved it gets a little complicated, so check out my tips below to help you find the perfect outfit for any holiday party this season.

Dec 24, 2012

New Year's Eve: Expectations vs. Reality

The truth is, New Year's Eve is never what we expect. Like the ball that drops in Times Square, New Year's Eve is usually insignificant and overrated.

Dec 5, 2011

The 8 Holiday-Themed Parties You'll Go to in December

Who doesn't love a good college party? In fact many argue the best partying of one's life occurs during their college years. Now with the holiday season fully in gear, parties just got a whole lot more exciting due to the the mandatory Christmas themes applied to your average Saturday night now through New Years.

Dec 26, 2010

CC Beauty Live: 5 Ways To Amp It Up

With the holidays upon us, it's really tough to find time to do your hair and makeup. I mean between eating cookies, wrapping presents, and peeking under the tree, I haven't had a ton of time to get ready for holiday parties. Not to mention I'd rather be on the couch drinking hot chocolate than standing in my bathroom with a curling iron.

Dec 23, 2010

Wardrobe Wish List: Mixit Multi Crystal Bib Necklace

Tis the season of endless holiday parties and panicking about not having anything to wear to them. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you have to wear a red or green ensemble (unless you’re attending the infamous “Ugly Sweater” party) and tacky holiday themed accessories. Please put those snowman earrings away now. And by away, I mean in the garbage.

Dec 21, 2010

10 Things We’re Lovin’ About Winter [GALLERY]

HAPPY OFFICIAL FIRST DAY OF WINTER! It’s hard to remember when you're spending half of your day bundling up in the thickest, warmest, heaviest things you own just to walk outside to get the mail, but it's is the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrrr! Yes, really.

Dec 20, 2010

Body Blog: How Not to Gain the Holiday Hundred

During the holidays you will be doing a lot of eating. Whether you are attending a potluck, a get-together with high school friends, or it’s a holiday meal with the family, there is a reason that people call gaining weight during this time of year the “holiday hundred”. Don’t bring in the new year with regrets (and needing to buy bigger pairs of jeans).

Dec 2, 2010

Fashion Porn: Get it on with Glamour

Around the holidays there are a lot of reasons to dress up, and I'm not talking about putting on anything but sweats (which in college might feel like dressing up). I'm talking up getting all dolled up for a special occasion. Whether you have a sorority formal, a fancy party to go to with the family, or need something special for New Years Eve, now is a good time to start scoping out looks.

Mar 7, 2010

Intro to (Fancy!) Cooking: Baked Brie

In case you haven't noticed, the Oscars are tonight. (Have you made your predictions yet? You only have a few hours left to enter!) If you're anything like me, that means you'll be perched on the couch, surrounded by friends, starting at 5pm to catch, and talk about, all the red carpet drama.