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Apr 2, 2009

Everything You Need to Know About STD Tests

Do you have that burning, itching, inflamed, oozey feeling south of the border? Maybe you don't see or feel anything obvious but you just have that nagging suspicion that last week's man-whore frat-guy gave you more than his number.

Apr 2, 2009

7 Myths About HPV Debunked

While all STDs are serious, HPV might be the most important for young college women to know about. HPV is the most common STD in the U.S. today and a reported 5.5 million new cases are diagnosed each year.

Apr 2, 2009

Anyone Can Get an STD. That Includes YOU.

Okay, ladies, it’s time for a sneak peak behind closed exam-room doors. Outside, we are bombarded with the constant message that sex is all about fun, excitement, and personal empowerment - our bodies, our choice. Inside, however, we see a disconnect between these choices and unexpected consequences.

The Truth About STDs

When I found out that 25% of college students have a Sexually Transmitted Disease, I laughed. Surely that statistic referred to the more promiscuous students, or those who were dumb enough not to use a condom during sex.

Apr 2, 2009

Circumcision May Lower Risks of STDs

As we all know from our high school sex ed classes–and some of you from experience– it’s a basic fact...

Mar 26, 2009

Have You Seen Your Doctor Lately?

When’s the last time you took a trip to visit your good old friend, the doctor? Chances are you’ve missed some really important appointments! It's time to suck it up and face the music, sister.

Mar 12, 2009

I Went and Got Tested

After reading about one CollegeCandy writer’s scary STD experience, I realized that I had not been tested in over 4...

Sep 3, 2008

Sex Is Great. Safe Sex is Best.

Here at CollegeCandy, a lot of the writers are constantly criticized for their sexual choices so much that the word...

Jul 11, 2008

Medical Mystery, Meet Sex Education

In Sex Ed, we had to take “Name that STD” tests. In college, our RA’s handed out “Safe Sex” kits...

Jun 18, 2008

I Like Sex. Does That Make Me a Slut?

Some may disagree (and some may do so strongly), but sex is a large part of many college ladies’ lives....

May 29, 2008

Pillow Talk with Diana: Chlamydia, Herpes, and HPV, Oh My!

Q: I gave head to a guy I met when I was studying abroad, and now I’m worried about STDs....

Mar 28, 2008

Ode to My Vagina

Hello down there! You and me, we’ve had a pretty good run so far. I don’t think I thank you...

Mar 14, 2008

1 in 4 Teen Girls Have an STD. WHY?

While so many parents out there seem to be overwhelmingly concerned with keeping their teens’ Myspace pages private and making...

Mar 9, 2008

HPV: What Is It? And Could I Have It?

The first time I heard about HPV (Human papillomavirus), I’m pretty sure it was during a flash of a Gardisal...

Sep 14, 2007

The Pill: Protecting You Against Cancer AND Babies!

Good news for all of us sexually active birth control laden ladies. Studies show that our trusty BC may now...