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Dec 10, 2009

Coupled. With Differences of Opinions

The biggest thing I've learned from being one half of a couple is that you have to pick your battles. Some things are just not worth the long-winded-argument-that-leads-to-door-slamming-and-silent-treatment.

Dec 2, 2009

Holiday Gifts for The Health Freak

es, we all have that friend and while sometimes you wish you could just give her a big box of cookies for the holidays, there are just a few things she'd appreciate a whole lot more. But what can you get her that will make her happy without packing on the pounds? Try a few of these on for size:

Oct 31, 2009

Hot Accessories for a Cold Winter

This fall weather is quickly beginning to feel a lot like winter. Sweaters and tights are being traded in for winter fleeces and long-johns. You may think you're good to go with your new crochet Uggs and long, puffy North Face jacket, but there's a lot more out there this winter when it comes to accessories.

Campus Couture: Lauren La’Flare

If there's one girl who's got some fashion courage it's Lauren. I spotted her on campus because, well, it's impossible not to spot her. She's always decked out in bright colors, bold accessories and some serious confidence. Oh, and her perfect hair helps, too.

Bathroom Toys Everyone Needs

Between running out of toilet paper, sitting on dirty pee stained public toilet seats, and producing gag worthy smells, going to the bathroom is definitely not the cleanest, girliest, most fun activity that occurs quite often in a day. But it is a part of our everyday lives and we kinda have to do it, so we might as well make the best of it, right?

Jun 28, 2009

Fashionably Techie: Can’t Live Without It?

I think I'd die without technology. I’m constantly texting, I check my email six times a day and I use Google for everything. When I’m bored, my DSi is there to entertain me. Everything I do is coupled with some sort of technology, which is probably pretty obvious since I write about it every week.

May 2, 2009

Podcasts: My Latest Obsession

Ever since the great iPhone purchase of 2008 (and, more recently, the great music-obliterating hard drive crash of 2009) I have become completely obsessed with podcasts. It doesn't help that the iTunes store is one of the more addictive things in this world, and shows you all sorts of great podcasts you might like based on what you have already subscribed to.

Mar 16, 2009

Oh the People You’ll Meet: The Americanized International

College brings a whole lot of new experiences, new lessons and new people. But it seems that no matter what...

Mar 12, 2009

The 5 Things Every College Student Needs

If you’re heading off to college in the fall, you might already be thinking about what you need to buy...

Mar 9, 2009

Body Blog: Spring Into Swimsuit Shape

Now that daylight savings is behind us, we can look forward to longer, warmer days! To celebrate the wonderful season...

Feb 12, 2009

Fashionably Techie: (For) All the Single Ladies

So, the world is awash in a sea of red and pink. There are hearts, roses, and tiny angels with...

Dec 28, 2008

The Pissed List: Holiday Edition

[I like to think of myself as a pretty easy going gal, and try not to sweat the small stuff....

Dec 26, 2008

Win a Free iPod Touch from LimeLife.com and CollegeCandy!

Don’t forget! CollegeCandy is in the spirit of giving this year and we’ve teamed up with our friends at LimeLife.com...