Jan 28, 2017

Oscar-Nominated Iranian Director May Not Be Allowed To Attend Ceremony Due To Trump’s Immigration Ban

Farhadi is nominated in the Best Foreign Film category for his movie "The Salesman."

Dec 3, 2012

Jackie from Krispy Kreme Will Restore Your Faith in the World [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

I would really, really love it if there was just one week where this column didn't involve me writing about people killing each other. Yeah, sorry to be a downer. Call me Miss America, but all I want is world peace! Luckily, we've got a viral video this week that will cheer you up after you make it through the sad headlines.

Presidential Jokes, Zumba Brothel, and Honey Boo Boo [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

Apparently football season is in full swing, because all the guys in my dorm are spending more and more time yelling at the TV. Here are the week's top stories.

Oct 22, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac, Two Armstrongs, and A Fake Celebrity [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

Still recovering from your party with Prince Harry in Vegas? We've got your back. Here are the week's top news stories.

Aug 27, 2012

Tragedy Strikes at Home While the Olympics Carry On in London [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

Once again, we're sad to say that the national news isn't the happiest this week. Our hearts go out to the victims of the shooting in Wisconsin. Read on for more details on that tragedy, as well as other world news updates.

Aug 6, 2012

Jan 19, 2012

Are Barbies Really That Bad for Girls?

Maybe I'm one of the few American kids who grew up peacefully playing with Barbie dolls without wanting to actually look like them or feeling badly about myself when I looked in the mirror. I also didn't get these feelings whenever I played with Cabbage Patch Kids, teddy bears, Tamagotchis or Super Mario Bros.

Sep 19, 2011

Current Events Cheat Sheet

Every Monday I’ll be bringing you up to date on the biggest news stories in a quick, concise manner (just the way your over-stuffed college brain likes it). Now you’ll finally know what’s going on in the world without having to spend hours a day sifting through the breaking news.

Jun 18, 2009

Candy Dish: The Iranian Protests Continue…

• Iranian student protesters targeted by government. • Poor Piano Man got dumped. • Everything I know I learned from hip hop. • Someone's talkin smack about Will Smith. • Lindsay Lohan and Paris will do anything to get back in the tabs. • OMG we need these shoes.

Mar 2, 2009

Candy Dish: Those Religious People Love Their Porn

See where the most porn in enjoyed…. Amy Winehouse returns to London. The Caribbean celebrates. Flirting 2.0 Ms. North Dakota...

Jul 9, 2008

McCain’s Budget-Balancing Boasts Under Fire (and More!)

On Tuesday, the United States and Czech Republic signed the first part of the controversial missile defense system pact. Russia...

Jun 16, 2008

UK Protesters Send Message to US: Stop the Illegal War and Repression of Civil Liberties! (and more!)

It’s your daily dose of Kandy Korrespondent! International tensions are building up once more over Irans’ nuclear program. On June...

May 13, 2008

Bob Barr: McCain’s New Nemesis?, CA Man Looses 10 Houses to Mortgage Crisis (and More!)

It’s time for the news with Kandy Korrespondent! For those of you who may have thought this year’s presidential race...

Mar 10, 2008

Beijing 2008: A Triumph for Human Rights Abusers Everywhere (Part 1)

The much-touted Beijing Olympics more and more seem like an awful nightmare amidst the continuing Human rights fallout. This is...

Oct 9, 2007

Don’t Buy Another Gas Automobile. SAVE AMERICA!

In this country we tend to take everything for granted. Blaming everyone else when something goes wrong rather than take...