jackelyn ho

Nov 14, 2011

Introducing The (Delicious) 100-Calorie Dinner

Introducing one of my absolute favorite foods - spaghetti squash. Now, this gourd was introduced to me about a year ago, but I never actually bought into it. I thought it was just another one of those healthy food items that tasted really bland and would just be a phase. Boy, was I wrong!

Oct 3, 2011

Body Blog: Chicken Wings

We all deal with it. Waving down a taxi, cheering during a football game or flagging down that cute guy in your chem class. It's known as under arm flab or simply a trouble spot in the tricep area. It's frustrating to deal with this, when all you want to do is to wear sleeveless dresses and wave your hands like you just don't care! No worries, try out these fun moves and you'll be good in no time.

Jul 25, 2011

Body Blog: Fashion and Fitness

Since I basically live in workout clothes, I've had to revamp my closet to make room for $100 couture spandex. It gets pretty ridiculous paying so much for fitness clothes, but this is how I see it: when you look good, you feel good and you perform even better! Wearing booty lifting shorts and accentuating tops motivates me to go 110% at the gym.

Body Blog: Planking

As I've mentioned in my past posts, planks are great for strengthening your core. It also uses every single muscle in your body, so you can call it a full body toner! Since I know you're an expert at planks, I challenge you to bring it to the next level with this move...

Jul 11, 2011

Body Blog: Beautiful Booty

Whether you want one as big as Kim Kardashian's or something more subtle like J-Lo's (ok, it's not that subtle, but in comparison...) I have the perfect plan for you. While squats and lunges are my quick go-to favorite, they can get a little boring. Here are some easy ways to spice up your workout routine.

Jun 28, 2011

Body Blog: Arm Candy

I don't know about you, but I am completely obsessed with arms. On guys, strong arms makes me feel protected and safe - not to mention, it's uber sexy. On girls, nicely toned arms show a sense of empowerment and look great in sleeveless dresses. So, I'm finally dedicating this week's workout to getting that sleek arm definition.

Jun 13, 2011

May 30, 2011

Body Blog: Bye Bye Belly Bulge!

You might be feeling a little sluggish from the weekend. Perhaps it was the Memorial Day barbecue? Post-finals food coma? Graduation hangover? No matter the cause, I have a an easy fix for that food baby of yours. These great ab exercises will target your lower abs, aka that stubborn stomach pooch that often gets ignored with standard crunches/ab workouts.

Jan 31, 2011

Spring Break Sexy: Get Real

It's hard to believe when you've got snow melting into your Uggs, but Spring Break is just around the corner. For me, a girl who has a countdown to the next Spring Break starting the day Spring Break ends, that news couldn't be better. But for those of you who are having that "OMG I HAVE TO BE IN A SWIMSUIT IN 6 WEEKS?!" meltdown, this is less than a pleasant realization.

Jan 24, 2011

Body Blog: When in Doubt, Stretch It Out

Sometimes, we may be really enthusiastic when we're working out (i.e. hot guy at 9:00 and I know he's watching me work this treadmill). This extra push on the body may cause strain to your muscles and no one wants leg cramps or excessive soreness the following morning!

Dec 13, 2010

Body Blog: Pretty as a Plank

Some of you lucky ducks are already done with finals and may even be boarding the next flight back home....

Jul 19, 2010

Body Blog: Stress Does the Body Bad

Stress has been my companion for as long as I can remember. I’m the kind of girl who likes having a million things to do because I love feeling productive. Unfortunately, I tend to take on more than I can handle. This leads to late nights, early mornings, constant worrying, tiredness, and, well…you know the routine.

Jun 28, 2010

Body Blog: 5 Foods You Should Eat Right Now

I know, I know – us glamorous CollegeCandy readers are so busy saving the world, getting better than A+ grades, and flirting with the boy next door, that it’s so hard to incorporate a consistent healthy diet into our daily lives. Yet it’s important to understand that beauty and health last beyond our college years, so we have to do everything in our power to keep the summer glow and prevent any aging wrinkles...

Jun 7, 2010

Body Blog: Am I Healthy?

We hear all of these ads and campaigns telling us to “Be fit! Stay healthy!” But, what does that really mean? Eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day? Exercise 5 times a week? Do you have to be a certain weight? A certain size? Maybe not. There's no doubt eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle are good life choices, but maybe it's time we rethink things.