jersey shore season 2

Oct 28, 2010

Jersey Shore: Until January…

Since last week's letdown of an episode, it's time to come to terms with the fact that Jersey Shore is no more. At least until January. You might be asking yourself, "But, but, but how am I ever going to get my Jersey fix without my eight seven lovable guidos/guidettes entertaining me on Thursday nights?"

Oct 26, 2010

Candy Dish: Taylor Swift Lands Another Hottie

• I smell a Jake Gyllenhaal break up song in the near future. • Uh oh. Mel Gibson is angry. • The 8 most horrifying beauty trends....ever. • Pets in costumes. Heart melting. • 10 things that we know about Katy Perry/Russel Brand's wedding. • What does celebrity-inspired nail polish look like? Surprisingly cute!

Oct 22, 2010

Jersey Shore: She’s Phony, He’s Fake!

Other than, "OH YEAH, EVERGLADES, YEAH" it was really difficult for me to take anything away from last night's episode of Jersey Shore. Are we seriously dealing with a finale right now? I would've rather been watching South Park's ripoff of the Jersey cast....

Jersey Shore: Fistpumping, Frolicking and Fighting

We had many, many thoughts going into this episode. Many questions about how the Snooki/Angelina throwdown would go down. Questions on if Tee-Shirt time would make another appearance (it did). Questions if Pauly would, yet again, be a human alarm clock with a crazy Kool-Aid man "OH YEAHHHH!" voice (he was).

Jersey Shore: Feuds and Fossils

o we open on JWoww setting Sammi's face like a volleyball and Sammi throwing a spike right back at JWoww's kisser. Where to begin here? The entire episode was so cram-packed with drama, fighting and backstabbing that it's nearly impossible to recap every glorious moment of it.

Jersey Shore: The Sizzling Questions

Let me just open with a bold statement: Ron and Sammi need to get off my television, ASAP. Their negativity is clogging up the screen and prohibiting Snooki from getting her fist pump on. Seriously, get these two epic losers off of MTV before I JWoww their whiny behinds.

Aug 27, 2010

Jersey Shore: Or Was It The Hills?

Okay, when did the Jersey Shore become about heartfelt "feelings" and "emotions" instead of bar fights, beating the beat and smushing? SERIOUSLY. Thank goodness we had MVP running a very serious game plan last night about how they were going to maneuver three girls and a grenade to get us through the hour.

Aug 20, 2010

Jersey Shore: “Who’s President of the I.F.F.?”

Who can't help but love the dysfunction of the Jersey Shore? This week, the gang (I feel like we're opening a summary of Scooby Doo. Come on - Snookie, Scooby... same thing?) deals with some hard-hitting moral dilemmas.

Aug 13, 2010

Jersey Shore: Smush or Get Smushed

Is anyone else seeing a darker side of the Jersey Shore this season? No? Just me? Maybe I should take off my sunglasses when I'm inside. Ahhhh, much better. So far this season on J.S. there has been one underlying theme making its way through Miami: smush or get smushed. When you're smushin', you're crushing it, you're lookin good, you're rocking GTL and just ruling South Beach.

Aug 9, 2010

RIP, Snooki

Nicole Polizzi. Get used to saying that name because, saddest news of the weekend, “Snooki” just might be dead and gone. That’s right. After having one drink too many (and during the day, no less), our littlest Jersey Shore-er was arrested for disorderly conduct. Now don’t get your poof all deflated, she’s been released from the drunk tank.

Aug 6, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: Almost Ready to Re-Stock Your Mini-Fridge

This week flew by. I mean flew. Between watching Shark Week, voting for my favorite trends of the '90s and topping it off with the second episode of Jersey Shore of the season, I made quite the dent on my couch and my parents' pantry food supply (I'm serious, I probably gained 10 pounds in White Cheddar Cheese-Its).

Aug 6, 2010

Jersey Shore: Guidos Teach Me Life Lessons

After discovering that Justin Timberlake's restaurant, Southern Hospitality in NYC serves fried pickles, I obviously dragged my roommate, whom I lovingly refer to as JWowww, before last night's new episode of Jersey Shore. Snooki was right: they totally take pickles to the next level. And leave me completely nauseous and unable to fistpump for the rest of the night.

Jul 30, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: Whew, We Survived Jersey Shore

This week should have been transformed into a national holiday. Unless you're under a bunch of rocks, Jersey Shore and Project Runway premiered yesterday - on the same day as National Lasagna Day. Coincidence? I think not. And if you're anything of a nerd nugget like myself, Shark Week is also premiering August 1st.