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jude law

Feb 29, 2012

Candy Dish: Hef’s Son Beats a Bunny

Hugh Hefner's son charged with beating his playmate girlfriend! • 4 life lessons from an ugly duckling • Jude Law and Jeremy Gilley work for peace • Who would you want to see play Whitney Houston? • Check out hottie Raphael Hildebrand • Get Rihanna's tweed blazer and denim shorts!

Sep 14, 2011

Candy Dish: What Would Suri Do

•When did you start wearing makeup? •Sarah Palin hooked up with former NBA player back in the day •What on Jude Law's face??? •Just in time for Fashion Week: Amused Anna Wintour meme •The Missoni for Target backlash begins •You'll never guess Jon Hamm's celebrity lookalike •Which new Fall trend should you be trying out?

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Nov 6, 2009

Who’s The Douchiest Dad of Them All?

We all agree that Lindsay Lohan is a train wreck. But can we really blame her for being so messed-up when she’s had to deal with parents like Michael and Dina Lohan?

Why Men Are Bumbling Idiots

I find Jude Law to be mind-numbingly attractive. There is no doubt in my mind that if I were ever to happen across him, I would be reduced to simple sentences and one-syllable words. But according to a new study, it's Jude who has to worry about the mind-numbing affect when interacting with members of the opposite sex.

Candy Dish: Solange Knowels Gets Her Hair Did

• Is she trying to steal attention from Beyonce? • Jude Law punches a woman. • Naked girls make it rain. Like, real rain. • The real reason T.R. Knight left Grey's. • Rihanna and Jay Z know how to party. • Who gives up their career for Jon Gosselin?

Jul 23, 2009

Happy DILF Day!

Happy (almost) Father's Day! We know you guys aren't dads (and if there are any dads reading this, well, that's just sorta icky), but you are most likely celebrating one. Just because you're showering your dad with gifts of bacon and neckties, it doesn't mean you can't have a little somethin' somethin' for yourself.

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Mar 5, 2009

Girl Crush: Natalie Portman

[There are some women out there that we just can’t get out of our minds. No, we aren’t switching teams...

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Feb 5, 2009

Candy Dish: Obama Puts Wall Street In Its Place

Salary caps for everyone! Want free condoms for a year? Bruce Springsteen hates Ticketmaster charges, too! Tell us: has CollegeCandy...

Jun 6, 2008

Do You Love the Brits?

As I was driving in my car this morning, I was listening to my favorite morning show; none other than...

May 20, 2008

Candy Dish: Ali Lohan is no fan of Mean Girls

Ali Lohan is no fan of mean girls Justin Timberlake is bringing marriage back 9021-Oh, wait, are they racist? Most....

Jul 12, 2007

Breakups for Everyone!

Breaking up sucks, so you might as well get a good story out of it. None of this civil shit...

Jul 7, 2007

Sienna Miller: My Celebrity Frush

Celebrities are fun to write about and gawk at (if you’re lucky enough to encounter one in its native habitat),...

May 7, 2007

Blohan in the Can

Yes, the rumors are true and here are the pictures to prove it. According to, in addition to Ms....

May 6, 2007

BLo-han powders her nose…

When Lindsay Lohan said rehab, what she really meant was a few weeks to rest up so I can party...