Dec 17, 2020

University Laundromats: Is It Moral To Touch Other People’s Clothes?

Colleges are the first place where many adolescents do their laundry. They are responsible for sorting colors, choosing the proper...

Jul 12, 2018

9 Must-Try Hacks That Will Change Your Laundry Game

These hacks will make laundry day ten times easier.

Have You Entered to Have ReadyU Do Your Laundry Yet? [Giveaway]

Don't try to jam all your dirty socks into your carry-on so Mom can wash them when you get home. That's a present she definitely won't appreciate. Instead, let ReadyU come and tackle the pile of clothes that's been living on the floor of your closet all semester.

Dec 12, 2012

5 Life Skills High Schools Should be Teaching Seniors

Here's something you probably already know...high school students aren't exactly happy with their education. At least that's what Jezebel is telling us. Apparently high school students feel like their education is not preparing them enough for college.

Apr 25, 2011

Top 5 Modern College Norms Parents Will Never Understand

As a college student I’ve learned that there are just some things that parents will never understand. And I'm not talking about how to change their profile pictures or how to DVR The Closer. I'm talking about the way life is now, the way we college students communicate and socialize and hook-up.

Dec 6, 2010

The Weekly Ten: This Semester Needs to End

I love the first week back after Thanksgiving break. No scratch that, I hate it, actually. But what I do like is what that week represents. It’s the beginning of the end.

Sep 7, 2010

College Campuses Are Breeding Grounds for Disease

According to University of North Carolina professor Kevin Caneiro, there's a new disease lurking on college campuses nationwide. Dubbed “Laptop-itis,” it is the result of excessive use of laptops and cell phones with symptoms ranging from worsened posture to pain in the backs, necks, and wrists of students everywhere.

Aug 18, 2010

It’s Time to Start Thinking About School (!!)

It's that time of year again. Yep, the time when suddenly it's the end of August and you are stuck on your bed staring at all of shiz you need to pack into boxes for another successful (and sometimes difficult) year in college. You get slightly excited for another year to pummel you in the face with good times and countless hours in the lib. Can you feel it?

Jul 18, 2010

Channeling My Inner Susie Homemaker

Some women have been blessed with the cooking, cleaning, and child-rearing skills any '50s housewife would be jealous of. You know the type - they go to their friends' houses bearing baked goods, they know how to get that tricky stain out of delicate material, they're just all-around nurturers.

May 26, 2010

Senior Files: Moving Back In With the Parents

It’s May 26 and I officially have less than three weeks left in my college career. Most of you are already out of school (how’s that going by the way?), but I have twenty more days left. That means twenty more days to stress about my unplanned future before graduation day.

Jan 25, 2010

College: It’s The Little Things That Matter

Endless exams and papers, constant guy drama, grad school applications, a dwindling bank account...the day-to-day worries of our college years often weigh us down. But too often, we stress about the big issues and totally forget about the little things that make our daily routines bearable...or even great!

Oct 7, 2009

When It Comes To The Booty Call, Always Be Prepared

It’s the Scout Motto: Always be prepared. But I don’t think my Girl Scout troop leader was referring to booty calls when she ingrained that piece of advice into my head. On a college campus you never know who you're going to meet... and then want to take back to your room... to get to know each other better.