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Apr 13, 2010

Candy Dish: Justin Bieber Sets the Record Straight

• Justin Bieber is way cooler than those Disney stars. • Kara DioGuardi lets it all hang out. • 5 fun ways to embrace the braid. • Damn! Lea Michele looks hot at the Glee premiere! • Tom's Shoes are getting mighty cute this season. • What's with all the DWTS drama?!

Apr 7, 2010

Countdown to Glee: The 5 Best Musical Moments

Last fall, I raced back to my dorm every Wednesday night to join in the "Glee" weekly viewing party in my friend’s room. Although we would regularly hang out and watch television, and at least sit and later discuss our other favorite shows, we would all drop whatever we were doing (even if it was a 12-page paper due the next day) and set aside special time to get together to watch the sensation that is “Glee.”

Mar 22, 2010

If Tina Fey Is Ugly, I’m Doomed

You might have noticed that lately, magazines and TV are being applauded for finally displaying "average" looking women. From America Ferrara starring on Ugly Betty, to Tina Fey on 30 Rock, to Glamour giving Crystal Renn her own spread, it seems like the media industry was actually making some headway in this department!

Candy Dish: So Which Celebrities Lip Sync?

• We know Pink doesn't, but she might be the only one... • Get Lea Michele's Grammy makeup! • Wait, Lauren Conrad has another book? • A little gift for you! Deeeelish. • Heidi Montag's mom thinks she's a freak, too! • Super Bowl = super for dating?

Feb 3, 2010

Grammy Red Carpet: The Good, The Bad and The Gaga

The Grammy red carpet is probably my favorite of the season. Though attendees of the Golden Globes and Oscars are better dressed, those at the Grammys bring the good, the bad and the outrageous. The dramatic dressers of the music industry bring out their weird and wonderful performance-esque outfits, blurring the line between stage-worthy and red carpet-appropriate.

The Know: Be Green, Fabulous and Full

Guffly.com: We all are trying to be green: wear more green, eat more green, recycle more green, earn more green. But sometimes it’s hard because we don’t know where to look for the best products. And let’s face it - some of those eco-friendly fashions have been hit with the ugly stick one too many times.

Oct 1, 2009