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leonardo dicaprio

Dec 8, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Met With Donald Trump To Try To Save Our Planet

Maybe now Donald Trump will think that climate change is real?

May 31, 2016

Emilia Clarke Dreams of Being the Next Jane Bond with Leonardo DiCaprio as Her Partner in Crime

We dream of Leonardo DiCaprio as being our partner in anything, so we get it.

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May 18, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Proves His Mama Is Still His Number One Girl With This $23,650 Gift

So much cooler than the Christmas ornament I brought my mom back from Disney World.

Oct 24, 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio Slept In Animal Carcasses For ‘The Revenant’

I guess you have to do some crazy stuff in order to win an Oscar.

Feb 1, 2015

7 Celebrity Crushes You and Your Mom Share

We don't agree on everything, but we can definitely agree on this.

Jan 13, 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna Sitting In A Tree?

TMZ reports that the couple were spotted canoodling (as celebrities do, when normals "canoodle" I'm pretty sure it's just called making out).

Dec 8, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio: Must See Hot Photos Of A-List Star

Leonardo DiCaprio picking up nearly two-dozen women at a club this weekend is not a shocking headline-I mean he's Jack Dawson.

Jun 18, 2014

The 5 Kinds Of Basic Men You’ll Hookup With

Because boys can be basic bitches too.

Mar 8, 2014

Guy Takes Photos With Leo DiCaprio Cutouts On My Day With Leo Instagram

This master of the arts uses different photographs of Leo from different eras and carefully places them against the perfect backdrop.

Aug 12, 2013

The 12 Best Celebrity Man Buns

Leonardo DiCaprio inspired this post with his itty-bitty man bun. He looks like a giant baby smoking a cigarette.

Feb 18, 2013

Leo DiCap’s Jim Beam Commercial Is Stupid [Candy Dish]

I don't get it. Leo is at home carving ice, then makes a Jim Beam snow cone.

Dec 27, 2012

Yes, Kate Winslet Got Secretly Married. No, Not to Leo.

The ceremony was so private, in fact, that her parents did not even know about it. The most adorable part? Her "Titanic" co-star Leo DiCaprio walked her down the aisle.

Apr 4, 2012

Guess Who Almost Played Jack and Rose in Titanic! [Photos]

It's almost impossible to imagine Titanic without Kate and Leo. In fact, I hardly reference their characters as Rose and Jack. Unlikely as it may seem, a surprising amount of other A-List celebs auditioned for those highly coveted roles.