Nov 27, 2012

Lesbians Will Marry Your Boyfriend [Sex in the News]

Hey, people against marriage equality! Gay men and women have a new idea. Instead of fighting to be able to get married to the person they love and have the same rights as heterosexual couples, they're going to join you.

Sep 27, 2011

Maxim Says the Darndest Things: October 2011 Edition

I always love Maxim during Halloween because they write and feature the craziest stuff possible. Need proof? The first two headlines I laid eyes on for October's cover were: 'A Polar Bear Ate My Head,' and 'Secrets of Lesbian Sex: How to Get in on the Action.' No wonder I grabbed the last issue on the newsstand. Men want them some gore and girl on girl.

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Aug 18, 2011

So You Thought You Were A Lesbian

You've crushed on men, you've been attracted to men, you've dated men and had relationships with men...there's was never a question: you dug dudes. End of story. But then say one day you meet someone who is just so generous toward you. Someone who seems to care so greatly about you, who you care about in return. And that someone is a woman.

Dec 12, 2009

Male Obsessions I’ll Never Understand

No offense to you, James Cameron. I love what you did with Titanic. It was a cinematic masterpiece that will remain close to my heart. But I do not think I can say the same for your new movie, Avatar. It may be the culmination of your life’s work, but honestly, the blue animated people look plain stupid.

Oct 8, 2008

He Said/She Said: Girl On Girl? Why, Oh Why?

How many times have you been walking down the street with a girl friend only to have some guy scream,...

Sep 22, 2008

Faked Tolerance: Being an Interracial Lesbian

For a college in stereotypical Smalltown USA, I always thought that good ol’ WAC was a good progressive college, accepting...

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Jul 22, 2008

NY Mag’s ‘Look Book’: Full of Idiots Who Think They’re Awesome

I have a subscription to New York Magazine. I like to read it because the cover articles tend to be...

Broccoli and Tomatoes: Why Chicks Dig Other Chicks

Both the Huffington Post and the New York Times have recently gotten really interested in girl-on-girl action (but don’t worry,...

Jun 17, 2008

Candy Dish: K. Heigl Continues to Score Major Unpopular Points

Katherin Heigl backlash. To the MAX Men everywhere are a little disappointed that the first lesbians to get married in...

Jun 16, 2008

Katy: You Kissed A Girl. We Get That. But Why?

So, have you ever broken up with someone, and sworn to stay friends with him or her? Have you ever...

Jun 8, 2008

May 30, 2008

Why Do I Love it When Girls Love Me?

Sure, I’ve asked myself, “Are you into GIRLS”? I think a lot of girls ask themselves this at some point...

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Mar 4, 2008

Ellen Page + Lesbians + Werewolves = Curious, Skeptical, and (still) Unfunded.

In the recent wake of Juno, there’s a pretty emphatic highlight on young actresses like Ellen Page. Seems like everyone...

Dec 30, 2007

Getting Creepily Close with the Cruz Siblings

Here are two things I know to be true; Penelope Cruz is hot, and helping family members succeed in life...

Dec 12, 2007

Nip/Tuck Tastes the Forbidden Fruit

I’d like to begin this week’s Nip/Tuck thought session with a few quotes: “I don’t date guys with gray pubes.”...

Dec 5, 2007

Nip/Tuck Gets a Reality Check

Not only is reality tv dominating networks worldwide, but now it’s also inching it’s way into actual tv shows —...

Nov 14, 2007

Nip/Tuck Loves Oral

Before I delve into how much oral activity went on last night (on the show of course), the beginning of...

Nov 7, 2007

Nip/Tuck Turned Bi/Curious

I have to admit that I usually know what to expect from Nip/Tuck: a) a crazy, graphic display of plastic...

Oct 17, 2007

Candy Dish: A Guy’s Guide for Girls on Giving Oral

• Yuck Face is a no no. Here are 6 proven oral sex tips straight from the horses… • Halloween...

Oct 17, 2007

Tila Tequila Tackles Trash TV

Well folks, it’s time for yet another reality dating show. This time around, however there is a clever little twist....

Sep 11, 2007

Put On Your Thinking Cap, It’s Time for Ice Cream!

Prepare to have your heart broken: “As she put him into his cage for the night last Thursday, Dr. Pepperberg...

Aug 30, 2007

Girl Powaaa…or Something

First, the Spice Girls made their comeback and now another fight for GIRL POWAAA! Sheryl Crow and Avril Lavigne have...

Aug 29, 2007

75 Percent Chance of Sad Boyfriends Tonight…

So 25% of women like to have sex with other women? 100% of soon-to-be disappointed men are convinced they’re getting...