Dec 3, 2021

The Most Common Causes of Low Libido in Men

Libido is a person’s sex drive. It can be measured by the frequency of sexual thoughts, fantasies and desires. If...

Mar 14, 2013

Should I Apologize For Not Being A Sex Goddess? I’m Thinking No. [Sexy Time]

The other day, I found myself giving my boyfriend an apology because I didn't want to have sex the night before. When he accepted it, I was slightly annoyed.

Apr 16, 2012

11 Signs He's A Cheater! [Dude's List]

All men are capable of cheating. Hell, all people are! Let’s not pretend that there aren’t temptations and that there aren’t opportunities. There are times when it’s just a slip and then there are other times when it’s a damn Charlie Chaplin sketch. The question is, how do you know if he’s cheating on you?

Ask A Dude: Am I More Sexual Than Him?

What can a girl do if she's more sexual than her guy? I never thought I would run into this problem, but I guess there's a first to everything. I think I like sex more than the guy I am dating. Is he not sexually attracted to me? Is it possible that he's just not that sexual? How do I talk to him about it?

Mar 21, 2012

Would You Take A Pill To Increase Your Sexual Desire?

Researchers are arguing that a lack of sexual desire may not be caused by the fact that women aren't attracted to their prospective partners (because men are never to blame for these sorts of things), but that it is a chemical problem in the brain. The drug, then, will work by lowering inhibition through triggering the release of Dopamine, which, among other things, helps stimulate desire.

Nov 23, 2009

The Doctor Is In: I’m Never In The Mood

Q: So, I’ve had a boyfriend for over 6 months now. I really love him and find him sexy, but for some reason I have zero sex drive right now. I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but I think he’s getting a little mad that I never want to do anything. I will sometimes hook up with him because I feel that I should want to and that maybe I’ll get more in the mood, but it’s never good.

Sep 17, 2009

Aug 7, 2009

The Weekly Wrap Up: August Is Hard

The week is officially over people, and I have to say that brings a sigh of relief from my end of the computer. I'm not sure what made this week such a doozy, but it's over now and I can start planning my date with icy, fruity alcoholic-filled drinks (watermelon soju = best summer drink ever).

Jul 7, 2009

Healthy Living = Sexy Living?

Maintaining a healthy diet and working out obviously has beneficial effects for our body and well-being. But need another reason to trade in the fries for some fruits and vegetables? Need extra motivation to get yourself to the gym? Well, here you go: These things may also have an effect on our sex life.

Jun 12, 2009

G.W.D.W.E.: Phil “Fugly Felon” Spector

I've got a healthy libido and a short attention span, so my celeb crush turnover rate is pretty high. But every once in a blue moon, my ever-wandering eye is caught by someone so despicable, so nasty, my sexual drive is dashed in an instant. This week, let's talk about a G.W.D.W.E. (Guy We Don't Wanna Eff)--Phil Spector.

May 14, 2009

Cosmo Says The Darndest Things: June Edition

This month, Cosmo was especially recession conscious (there were, like, 6 whole articles!), featured a slightly disappointing interview with Leighton Meester (she’s just not as bitchy as Blair) and their first ever scratch-n-sniff! But, by far the most…interesting article I read was “The Sex Detective is in!”

Apr 5, 2009

“Why Don’t You Ever Just Want To Cuddle?!”

So we've debated whether or not we would date someone who weighed less than us (twice), but what about dating a guy with a lower sex drive?

Mar 3, 2009

Candy Dish: Britney’s Officially Back, Bitches

Britney kicks off her world tour tonight! Worried about those spring break hook ups? Check out these do’s and don’ts....

Nov 29, 2008

Press * for Kinky: Confessions from a Phone Sexpert

Phone sex. One of those taboos that’s so great, people are willing to pay $5.99 a minute just to get...

Nov 4, 2008

Pillow Talk with Diana: “I’m Hornier Than My Boyfriend!”

Q: My sex drive is through the roof, and I can easily have sex twice a day, every day…but my ...

Sep 5, 2008

Sexiling: Yes, You CAN Be Tactful About It

The dorm. The 18×10 space you are crammed into with another girl, who may or may not be a complete...