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Nov 8, 2010

Candy Dish: Facebook FAIL

A Facebook FAILCandy cane cocoa sounds amazing • If you like leopard, you'll love these • Lilo reunites with her dadDon't get inked Harry Potter! • This girl has too much time on her hands • Great road trip movies you need to see

Nov 2, 2010

Demi Lovato: Just Another Disney Disaster

And another one bites the dust. It was announced today that Disney’s pop sensation Demi Lovato would be leaving her scheduled music tour with the Jonas Brothers and checking into rehab instead. The official word is that she’ll be seeking treatment for emotional and physical issues.

Oct 21, 2010

It’s Time for Lilo To Pay Her Debt to Society

So our favorite drug-totin' galpal LiLo is taking a quick vacay from rehab tomorrow to chat with the judge about her jail time. Rumor has it that Lilo's team is going to argue that she needs to stay in rehab because she's making like so much progress. And here at CC headquarters, we're totally on Team: Rehab. The fact that she's related to Dina AND Michael Lohan is enough of a reason to put her in 24/7 therapy for the rest of her life. Let alone the whole lil drug issue.

Celebrities That Deserve a Cameo More Than Mel Gibson

I was so excited for the Hangover 2 to come out next year. So excited. Like already have my tickets, waiting in line starting now excited. And then news broke that a certain celebrity was going to be making a cameo in the sequel, much like Mike Tyson did in the original. Except this celebrity isn’t a boxing legend with a drug problem. It’s a middle-aged white guy with rage issues. Mel Gibson.

Oct 19, 2010

Lindsay Lohan, We Are Really Getting Concerned

This morning, Twitter told me two very interesting things: 1. DrunkenCooking is now following me and 2. Lindsay Lohan (fresh from rehab and jail) admitted to failing her most recent drug test. For me, this means I've made it big. For Lilo, this means another 30 days in the slammer.

Aug 13, 2010

Who Can Fill Lindsay Lohan’s Stilettos?

I used to think that "Get Out of Jail" free cards only existed in (drawn out) games of Monopoly, but apparently that's not the case. At least for Lindsay Lohan who, reports say, could be released early from her treatment facility. Originally, her sentence was 90 days (after 90 days in jail), and she has been getting treatment for 13

Jul 21, 2010

Lindsay’s In Jail – What Do We Do Now?

Looks like Lindsay Lohan won’t be completing her full 90-day jail sentence. Due to “overcrowding” in the L.A. county jail system, she can make it out from behind bars in less than two weeks. Sounds to me like the judge’s daughter couldn’t go three whole months without a little LiLo crazy in her life. Good thing, because neither could we!

Jul 13, 2010

From PopEater: Lawyer Shares What He Thinks of Lindsay Lohan’s Situation

Although Lindsay Lohan met with lawyer Stuart V. Goldberg after Shawn Chapman Holley resigned as the starlet's counsel, he has declined to take on Lohan's case, PEOPLE reports.

Jul 7, 2010

Candy Dish: Lindsay Lohan’s Going to Jail

• Looks like Lindsay's heading to the clink. • Rom-coms even your boyf will enjoy. • It's all about the (adorable) cork this season. • Wanna look like Gaga? It might be dangerous! • Wanna know what sex is like with Hugh Hefner? • Before The Bachelor, there were these low-budget dating shows.

Jun 2, 2010

Candy Dish: Is Liam Hemsworth On The Market??

• Liam Hemsworth might be single, ladies! • What's wrong with Zac Efron?! • This might explain the origins of 16 and Pregnant. • Look cool in hot weather. • Looks like there might be some mini-Mariah's running around soon. • That's one way to override a SCRAM bracelet, Lilo...

May 24, 2010

It’s All Uphill from Here, LiLo!

What’s black and white and red all over? Lindsay Lohan in her jail stripes, of course! While, no, she’s not getting hauled off to the clinker (yet), she has been handed a court-ordered sentence. So what’s LiLo’s punishment for evading justice and being a general menace to society?