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lip gloss

Nov 24, 2012

Remember Roll On Lip Gloss? [Saturday Flashback]

So this one time in third grade, this girl Jasmine came up to me like, "Do you use the rolly lip gloss?" Then she took out this small black bottle of Kissing Fruit Gloss in pineapple.

Jun 5, 2012

Tuffy Luv Gives You Lip

This sounds so stupid, but I always get lipgloss all over my boyfriend. What can I wear this summer, so I can kiss him but still look cute?

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Apr 17, 2012

In Our Makeup Bag: Clarins Gloss Prodige

Lip gloss is the perfect Spring/Summer handbag essential. Lighter and brighter than lipstick, it gives you an effortless, airy look. I definitely switch over to mainly gloss in the summertime and hopefully this new gloss fits my needs. I tried out two very different shades, Grenadine and Papaya!

Feb 14, 2012

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Yourself: The Ultimate CC Sex Toy Review

I'm totally up for reclaiming Valentine's Day and making it about sexy self-indulgence. That's definitely something our society doesn't value nearly as much as it should; and I mean, who isn't in love with feeling sexy and sensual, whether it's for a partner or for yourself?

Jan 24, 2012

In Our Makeup Bag: Burberry Lip Glow

Burberry is a luxury brand that launched their own cosmetics line within the last couple years. The products are definitely high-priced, but the quality is also rumored to be superb. I decided to take two Lip Glows (their lip glosses) from their Holiday collection for a spin!

Jan 3, 2012

In Our Makeup Bag: Lime Crime Carousel Gloss

Lime Crime is a brand known for bright colors and bold looks. Their lipsticks are my go-to when I want to play up my lips and need long-lasting pigmentation. Seriously, they stain the NEXT day. Obviously, I was beyond excited when Lime Crime announced that they were putting out lip glosses! They promise "semi-opaque coverage combined with bursts of nebulesque sparkle that comes alive in indoor lighting." Let's see how they stood up to those claims!

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Oct 11, 2011

In Our Makeup Bag: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is a line created by David Klasfeld. I wondered about the strange brand name and easily found the answer on their website: "I did and the result is a line obsessively crafted from the finest ingredients possible, to celebrate the driving compulsions of makeup fanatics everywhere."

CC Beauty Live: Lip Tints

When it comes to our lips, there is no shortage of products for making them stand out. Lipstick, lip gloss, lip stain, lip tint...what on earth is the difference? You might not think there is one, but, oh, there is!

Jan 16, 2011

The Best 4 Lip Products You Will Ever Buy

I have an obsession with all things lips: lip buffer, lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm, Ms. Lippy... This obsession has resulted in me trying just about any kind of product I can get my hands (or should I say my lips) on. After spending money on a lot of products that don't live up to their promise, I can attest that the following four are definitely some of the best products on the market.

Nov 27, 2010

In Our Makeup Bag: Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss

What it is: Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Wallflower Why this should be in your bag: I truly don't know any girl who doesn't own some form of lip product. Whether it be the standard cherry Chapstick or a fancy MAC Lipglass, girls love to play up and take care of their lips.

Oct 6, 2010

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Sep 13, 2010

Vaseline: A College Girl’s Best Friend

Today marks the 140th birthday of our good and loyal friend, Vaseline. Here is to all of those good times we've had when we've needed you most. I keep you by my bed, in my bag, and in the car. I pick you up, dip my finger in your gooey residue and primp and prime to my utmost pleasure. You're cheap, you're handy, and you're my BFF.

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Aug 11, 2010

In Our Makeup Bag: Too Faced Glamour Gloss

What it is: Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Flirt and Sex Pot Why this should be in your bag: Lip gloss is an everyday necessity for most girls. It polishes off your look and really pulls everything together. Added bonuses found in some glosses these days are plumpers, which amplify your natural lips, and mint flavorings to give you fresher breath.

Jun 30, 2010

In Our Makeup Bag: Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams

What it is: Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams in #1, #5, #15 & #21 Why this should be in your bag: Waterproof makeup is a summer essential! Hot temperatures + humidity = makeup running down your face and disappearing in a matter of minutes!

Jun 9, 2010

In Our Makeup Bag: NYX Girls Round Lipgloss in Whipped

What it is: NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss in Whipped Why this should be in your bag: A nude lipgloss is a must! It's perfect for when you're rocking a dramatic eye or just feel like a change from your usual pink lip. I also find that a nude gloss is a lot softer and easier to wear than lipstick.

May 16, 2010

CC Beauty Live: Roses Are Red, Tin Cans Are Blue

I have a lot (and I mean a LOT) of stuff in my makeup arsenal. But as many shadows and brushes and primers as I've got, there are some that I can't live without. Gems sent from the heavens to save the day and keep me lookin' my best.

Mar 15, 2010

My Lip Gloss Brings All the Boys to The Yard

Life has taken an unexpected turn into the world of sharing your utmost sexual feelings...on your lips. Now you can proudly pair your sexy black dress and pumps with this sexy new lip gloss, thatlet's your pals know when you're ready to romp.

Jan 27, 2010

Candy Dish: Recycle That Lip Gloss

• 3 uses for that old lip gloss. • Yay for Jane Lynch! • Flattering looks for petite and curvy girls. • What is JWoww's latest business plan? • 10 things women do that drive men crazy. • No Brangelina at the Oscars?

Dec 19, 2009

CC Beauty Live: Kiss This

I know it's cold and dry where most of you are living, and your lips and skin are probably suffering just like mine. Well, I have something that can save your lips from the arctic tundra outside your door and make them just as kissable as they were when it was nice and toasty out! Move over, Aquaphor; there's a new balm in town.

Dec 15, 2009

8 Under $20: Sephora

So if you're like me, part of the fun of being a girl is getting all beautified and purtied up. I mean, beyond the fun that is playing with makeup, what's the point of putting together a cute outfit if your skin looks dry, your hair looks flat and you smell like a thrift store?

Nov 24, 2009

8 Under $20: Victoria’s Secret

If I know one thing it's that girls who only shop at Victoria's Secret for the bras/panties/sexy lingerie are really missing out. That Vicki has a lot more to offer than lacy underthings that make your boobs look huge; Victoria's Secret is also an awesome place to stock up on clothes, shoes and beauty products. They even have jeans that give your butt some lift!

Sep 30, 2009

Candy Dish: Adam Lambert Rocks The World

Adam Lambert is bigger than the Beatles? • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are dunzo! • Germans stink in bed. Literally. • Privilege and the Ivy League. • What's wrong with Tori Spelling? •Lip gloss that curbs your appetite? Hollerrrr.

Sep 27, 2009

From StyleBakery: Beauty Products That Multitask

Few girls have unlimited time to spend in front of the mirror every morning - most of us are battling for that precious ten minutes of bathroom time with roommates or siblings. But a lack of time is no excuse for tired, puffy eyes and messy hair! Invest in products that do more than one thing, saving you time, money, and space in your makeup bag.

Aug 23, 2009

Mini-Beauty Products For Girls on the Go

When you're in a rush to get to school or work, looking perfect isn't always your top priority. But halfway through the day, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wish you'd tamed those flyaways and put on a little lip gloss.

May 21, 2009

Makeup 101: From BBQ to Bar

You may not have work or class on Memorial Day, but it's definitely an on-the-go kinda day. Between the family BBQ and the night out with friends (and, of course, all that patriotism), it is easy to forget about your makeup. And makeup is important if you don't want to look like a hot sweaty mess. Below are some tips and portable products to help you make an easy makeup transition from grill to dance floor.

Apr 30, 2009

Candy Dish: Speidi Brings The Swine Flu Back to LA

• If only those things kept them from talking. • Buildings are falling in NYC. • The 10 things you learn when you are heartbroken. • Does coffee cause cellulite?!Chuck Bass hearts Elvis. • Make those lips look luscious.

Apr 28, 2009

Candy Dish: Megan Fox Is Scaring Us!

Wow, Megan Fox, that's one tiny corset! • Swine Flu side effects: fever, chills, and Racism? • Julia roberts can cuss like a sailor! • Heart on your sleeve, emoticons on your ears. • First Lindsay, now Ali. Can we expect Dina in a Bikini next? • Bacon flavored lip gloss just sounds wrong.

Mar 7, 2009

All Made Up: The Perfect Gloss

Dragons, leprechauns, centaurs, fairies, a lip gloss that’s long lasting without being sticky – they just don’t exist right? It’s...

Feb 28, 2009

All Made Up: Walking the Lip Line

Lip Liner – most college age girls skip it all together and, quite frankly, probably associate it with crazy old...

Jan 8, 2009

Makeup 101: Keep Your Makeup Going Strong All Night Long

Nobody wants their makeup to wear off early, especially on a Thirsty Thursday like tonight. Unfortunately, that’s what often happens...

Jan 3, 2009

All Made Up: Hangover Recovery

Anyone else still hung over from New Years? (Try a little yoga!) If you’re lucky, you’re probably still cuddled up...

Nov 17, 2008

Candy Dish: Prince is back…and he’s got something to say

Prince— like most amazing artists, great music but such a weirdo. Perfect gloss for the winter…every girl needs it! Lookin’...

Nov 8, 2008

All Made Up: Beauty Breakthroughs

[Makeup is a wonderful thing. I mean, we all know what we look like when we wake up vs. when...

Aug 27, 2008

The Nights I Looked Like a Tranny; My 5 Biggest Makeup Regrets

Makeup is fun. With makeup I can make myself look like anything I want. I can glam myself up, or...

Jul 3, 2008

Idiot Proof Eyeshadow: Kid Tested, CC Approved

The other day, I was tricked into going to Costco with my Mom. I just really wanted an excuse to...

Jun 15, 2008

Hangover Chronicles 2: Top 5 Worst Things That Happened Last Night

You know those mornings. The ones when you and your girlfriends gather from your various places of shacking over lots...

Jun 6, 2008

Making the Summer Even Hotter: Summer 2008 Make-Up Trends

The warmth here, the days are longer, and the beach is calling our names…that can only mean one thing: summer...