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May 18, 2017

This Is The Lipstick For Your Next Protest

There's never been a better time to think pink.

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Live Happily Ever After With These Lipsticks Inspired By Disney Characters

With these bold lip colors, you'll surely be the fairest of them all.

Sep 3, 2015

The Bougie Lipstick Of Our Dreams Has Arrived

What's better than a lipstick that combines gorgeous color payoff, stunning packaging, an amazing formula and crazy staying power?

Sep 1, 2015

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Apr 24, 2015

7 Gorgeous Mac Lipsticks You Need For Spring

ou can literally throw on jeans and a plain tee and then slap on a pop of lipstick and instantly look so ready for spring

Feb 2, 2015

Purple Lipsticks: 10 Must-have Designer & Cheap Lipsticks

Pantone, the leading authority on all things color, released it’s color of the 2015 year in the latter part of...

Dec 9, 2014

Prepping for Under the Mistletoe: Red Lipsticks You Need This Holiday Season

The holidays are a make out bandit's favorite season; with all that mistletoe around, you never know who you could be locking lips with.

Oct 21, 2014

Orange You Excited To Wear These Lipsticks This Halloween?

We’re all fans of “calendar couture,” or dressing up to capture the spirit of whichever holiday is the horizon —...

Dec 10, 2013

How to Make Lipstick Last All Day

We have to admit there’s really no way to make your lipstick last all day, but we have come pretty...

Jan 22, 2013

Get Luxe Lips with Burberry Lip Velvet [In Our Makeup Bag]

Oh Burberry, how I love thee. Seriously, Burberry is probably my #1 luxury brand. When they announced a new, matte lip color formula, Lip Velvet, I was beyond excited! I decided to go for a classic red that was getting all sorts of hype in the blogosphere, Military Red.

Nov 11, 2012

Lips That Last [CC Beauty Live]

I absolutely adore brightening up my look with deep red or hot pink lips. It's the easiest way to enhance your makeup for the day, but it's such a hassle when your lip color doesn't stay on.

Jun 5, 2012

Tuffy Luv Gives You Lip

This sounds so stupid, but I always get lipgloss all over my boyfriend. What can I wear this summer, so I can kiss him but still look cute?

Mar 10, 2012

Fashion and Beauty Overload

• Would you wear floral jeans? • How to get the shiniest flat-ironed hair • Make your own yogurt face maskBuying multiples for your wardrobe • How to find the perfect bold lipstick

Oct 20, 2011

10 Accessories that Take Any Outfit from Drab to Fab

Ever get dressed for class and find yourself standing in front of the mirror thinking something’s missing, but you just don’t know where to add that last minute accessory? After going through the whole day, you’re now headed out on a manhunt with your girls and you’re looking for an easy way to make your almost there outfit scream ‘do me!’ But instead of being super excited to get out and (hopefully) get some, you’re stuck standing in front of your mirror.

Oct 18, 2011

In Our Makeup Bag: Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick

Lipstick and lipgloss are the bare necessities of everyone's makeup stash. Every brand makes a million lip products, in just as many shades, finishes, etc, making it difficult to sort through and find the quality ones! Clarins is a great, yet underrated brand that puts out amazing stuff. Not only do they pay attention to packaging and design, but the product inside always matches the beautiful exterior.

Aug 10, 2011

In Our Makeup Bag: BITE Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil

Throwing on a bright lipstick has been proven to improve your mood, and it being one of the easiest steps in any makeup routine, why not? BITE Beauty is a newer company in the cosmetics world. They tout a super antioxidant, Resveratrol, "which fights free radicals with potent long-term antiaging benefits."

Jan 26, 2011

In Our Makeup Bag: BECCA Fallen Angel Palette

One of makeup's biggest mysteries is which lipsticks and lipglosses go together. Often, I think two colors will be complementary, but once I get them home and try them on, they couldn't be farther from "matching". BECCA has created a foolproof palette that contains a dual lip & cheek creme and lipgloss in matching shades, and they've also tossed in a highlighter, so your lip and cheek looks are completely covered.

Nov 27, 2010

The Best 4 Lip Products You Will Ever Buy

I have an obsession with all things lips: lip buffer, lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm, Ms. Lippy... This obsession has resulted in me trying just about any kind of product I can get my hands (or should I say my lips) on. After spending money on a lot of products that don't live up to their promise, I can attest that the following four are definitely some of the best products on the market.

Sep 1, 2010

In Our Makeup Bag: Korres Raspberry Liquid Lipsticks

What it is: Korres Raspberry Liquid Lipsticks "Cooling, water-based liquid lipstick rich in line-smoothing, antioxidant Raspberry & Pomegranate extracts to protect against free-radical damage and smooth lip lines for softer, more youthful looking lips." Comes in 5 shades.

Mar 23, 2010

Candy Dish: Lindsay Lohan/Ed Hardy Collab?

• This seems like a match made in heaven. • Animals with stuff stuck to their heads are really cute. • 7 clothing items men should avoid at all costs. AMEN. • Lipstick is back. Ease back in with this fun little kit. • The best of the best upscale consignment shops. • Kim Kardashian is single.... and so is REGGIE BUSH!!

Jan 12, 2010

Bad Advice Women Get: Always Look Your Best

When it comes to beauty, I’m pretty low-maintenance. I never really learned how to put on eyeliner because I’m afraid I’ll poke myself in the cornea, I can’t get the knack of painting the nails on my right hand, and I’m too impatient to slap on anything more than Chapstick and maybe mascara, if I’m feeling fancy, in the morning.

Dec 19, 2009

CC Beauty Live: Kiss This

I know it's cold and dry where most of you are living, and your lips and skin are probably suffering just like mine. Well, I have something that can save your lips from the arctic tundra outside your door and make them just as kissable as they were when it was nice and toasty out! Move over, Aquaphor; there's a new balm in town.

Nov 6, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up: Helloooo, November!

Oh, sweet November—overnight, Starbucks has switched to holiday cups, Christmas-themed commercials are beginning to air, and I’m starting to get a serious hankering for turkey. I can’t wait to get a spiffy new pair of mittens—maybe designed by Lady Gaga?—and enjoy my last winter in college.

Nov 5, 2009

Makeup 101: Stop Fearing Lipstick!

As a little girl, lipstick was always the first item I’d reach for in my mom’s purse. I always watched her swipe a little across her lips and look instantly beautiful. I wanted to look beautiful, too. And now that I'm actually old enough to be wearing the stuff...well, lipstick scares me.

Jul 16, 2009

Makeup 101: Stop. Primer Time.

There’s always ways to make things better. Sprinkles make ice-cream better. A diamond ring makes an outfit better. Vodka makes...well anything better. But what if there was a simple way to make your daily makeup routine better without revamping your whole collection?