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Oct 1, 2009

The Doctor Is In: Exercising…Down There

Q: Everyone is always talking about Kegel exercises. Do those things really help? And do we really need to do them? I’ve had a boyfriend for 3 years (and we’ve been having regular sex for the entire time), so is it possible that I’m not as “toned” down there as I could be? Is that something I need to worry about?

Sep 17, 2009

The Doctor Is In: I’m Never In The Mood

Q: So, I’ve had a boyfriend for over 6 months now. I really love him and find him sexy, but for some reason I have zero sex drive right now. I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but I think he’s getting a little mad that I never want to do anything. I will sometimes hook up with him because I feel that I should want to and that maybe I’ll get more in the mood, but it’s never good.

Aug 20, 2009

The Doctor Is In: Getting a Handle on HPV

Q: I recently found out that I have HPV. I was so shocked and upset by the news that I couldn’t really think of anything to ask my doctor. So, I was wondering what I should do. This was the first time I’ve ever been tested, so do I have to tell every guy I’ve ever been with (even those I didn’t actually have sex with)? And do I have to tell all future partners?

The Doctor Is In: Does He Have to Know?

Q: I am still a virgin. It’s not because I’m religious or anything – I just haven’t met the right person. The only thing is that I’m finally ready to sleep with this guy, but I don’t know if I should tell him or not? Guys seem to get pretty freaked out about that kind of stuff. Is it possible to just do it and not tell him?

Aug 6, 2009

The Doctor Is In: Why Does Sex Hurt Me?

Q: I am not in a serious relationship, so I don’t have sex very often. When I do, though, it always hurts. Sometimes even more than the first time. Why is that? Is there something I can do so it doesn’t hurt anymore?

Jul 23, 2009

The Doctor Is In: Dealing With The PMS Blues

Q: I have been getting extremely horrible PMS symptoms. I’m incredibly moody - sometimes to the point that I can’t get out of bed – my cramps are awful and I keep breaking out. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Jun 11, 2009

Jun 4, 2009

The Doctor Is In: Is Birth Control Enough?

I am on the birth control pill and I want to stop using condoms with my boyfriend. I know he is clean, so I am not worried about STDs, but I am worried about pregnancy. Is the birth control pill enough to keep me from getting pregnant?

Apr 2, 2009

The Doctor is In (Part 1)

Talking sex with your doctor isn't always easy. Whether you are afraid she or he will judge you, you just don't feel comfortable sharing the intimate details of your life between the sheets, or you can't think straight with a speculum between your legs, many people get tight lipped in the doctor's office.