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Jul 12, 2012

I'm 5 Pounds Thinner! Kylie's Special K Challenge

Woo hoo, y'all! I am five pounds thinner just in time for the wedding I'll be walking in this weekend!

Jul 6, 2012

Molly Does The Special K Challenge: The Final Countdown

It's my last day of the Special K Challenge, and let me just tell you, I feel fantastic. I know I hit some rough patches with the pasta, and it was next to impossible to resist drunk eating, but I did it!

Jun 30, 2012

Kylie's Special K Challenge: One Pound Down!

Remember how I said that beginnings are really hard?

Molly's Special K Challenge: Bumps In The Road

Let me preface this by saying that I’m the type of girl that dives into a pool headfirst and then worries later if it was a bad idea.

Jun 29, 2012

CollegeCandy's Molly Mahannah Does the Special K Challenge!

CollegeCandy paired up with SHAPE magazine to give us the opportunity to write about our experiences with the Special K Challenge!

Jun 25, 2012

Summer Slimdown with the Tone It Up Girls! [Video]

You know, that conversation where you vow to workout this summer, make healthy diet changes, and lose weight.

Jun 16, 2012

Jun 7, 2012

How To: Have Fun Working Out!

Bikini season is here ladies! If you haven’t already gotten your butt in gear, there’s no more time to waste. So get to it!

May 23, 2012

Ex James Bond Outraged Over Beer Sell-Out [Candy Dish]

The phrase "Shaken, not stirred" may no longer accompany Bond's signature martini order.

May 15, 2012

Tuffy Luv Sez: Love That Bod!!!

Dear Tuffy Luv, I'm fat. I hate my body. Now what?

Jul 7, 2011

Candy Dish: No Love for the Biebs

•People don't want to buy magazines with Justin Bieber on the cover •TV Husbands with double lives •What's on your summer bucket list? •Finger length may indicate a man's...size •Neat! Eye wear made from recycled skateboards •Jennifer Aniston is taking a break from acting •Healthy ways to lose weight easily

Mar 30, 2011

How to Make Your Favorite Unhealthy Foods Healthy

Although it may not feel like it (what up gloves in March), but summer is coming. And with summer comes tank tops, short shorts and bikinis. You know you want to start getting in shape for all those beach photos, but you also know you're not ready to cut out all your favorite snacks. After all, what is life without ice cream or cheese?

Jul 25, 2010

I Remember: My Journey through Fatness, Skinniness, and Healthiness

People can be monsters, and I don’t mean in the Lady Gaga sense. They can be downright vicious to others without even realizing the irreversible damage they cause in the process. Though I keep it hidden away in a corner of my mind, I have a lot of memories of this kind of often subtle ruthlessness. I spent most of my young life as “the fat girl.” This is what I remember.

Jun 24, 2009

Add A Dash For Weight Loss?

Always looking for new ways to curb your appetite and shed those stubborn pounds? Now that bikini season’s among us (or at least among those of us that don’t live on the East Coast, where it’s been raining for about 10 days now), finding a way to cut calories and look good on the beach is on everyone’s mind. Enter Sensa.