Sep 20, 2021

5 Products To Get You A Salon-Worthy Manicure At Home

Looking to get a professional-looking manicure without the hassle of having to go to the salon? Well, you're in luck because these five products will help you get the salon-worthy manicure of your dreams.

Apr 27, 2020

The 5 Best Press-On Nails To Try During Quarantine

With all of us still in lockdown due to the coronavirus and nail salons closed until further notice, we’ve all...

Dec 2, 2019

Top 10 Nail Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram Today

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and blustery winds, which provides at least two reasons your hands need some much...

How To Make Your Nail Polish Last longer

Cracked, peeling nail polish is not cute no matter what color it is. Many of us are so fed up...

Oct 28, 2019

Top 7 Creative Manicure Ideas To Try This Winter

The best time of the year is right behind the corner, are you ready for it? The holiday season is...

Oct 16, 2019

5 Steps To Give Yourself A Manicure Like A Professional

If you’re a lover of professionally polished fingernails, then I’m sure you know how expensive routine trips to your manicurist...

Jul 29, 2019

May 22, 2018

20 Entertaining Nail Polish Names (And Great Colors) For Your Upcoming Summer Manicures

These polishes will make sure your nails are looking fabulous this summer.

Sep 6, 2015

Fun Fall Colors for Your Next Mani

Although some of us want to hold on to summer any way we possibly can, there’s that little bit of...

Jul 3, 2015

18 Thoughts You Have While Getting A Mani/Pedi

Why do these heavenly foot massages last for only 30 seconds? I demand a refund.

Sep 28, 2011

The Craziest Manicures We've Ever Seen!

Raise your hand if you love paying to get your hands and feet some lovin’! As common, middle class folk, we like to keep the manicures and pedicures comfortably inside a price range that we can really fit our fingers and toes around. That's why we never dare to pay for the really fancy manicures that come with seaweed wraps and Dead Sea salt scrubs. With that said, even if we did have the money, we would never pay for these crazy manicures. They're a little too crazy...even for us.

Apr 16, 2011

3 Ways to Maintain Your Manicure & Make It Last

Last week I let my roommate borrow my coveted dupe for Chanel’s Black Pearl nail polish, which she was very excited about. But she wasn’t as excited when, much to her dismay, she started noticing chipping in just a few days.

Jan 27, 2011

Wardrobe Wish List: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I have a firm belief that it’s impossible to look polished without nail polish. It’s the final accessory to an outfit that not only completes a look, but makes you look utterly put together. It’s so important that it of course slips my mind until the last minute all the time.