Jul 16, 2021

4 Unwritten Rules About Society That You Should Know

As one grows up and tries to get by in society, they grow to learn that things aren’t always as...

Mar 5, 2010

Duke It Out: Chivalry?

Earlier this month, we were asking where chivalry had gone – and I’m down with that, I’d like to know where the little sucker slipped of to, too. But what I want to talk about now is, if chivalry is gone, do we really want it back? And should we expect it?

Jan 11, 2010

The Weekly Ten: Why I’m Hating EVERYTHING

This week I have been pretty ticked off about, I don't know, everything? I'd like to blame my new birth control but who knows? It could just be the weather or the fact that I fell on my face in front of about thirty people the other night when I attempted to drunkenly pounce someone and now my knee really, really hurts and I'm cranky.

An Open Letter To Obnoxious Texters

Dear Obnoxious Phone Users of the World: While I will never deny that my cell phone has allowed me the opportunity to amuse myself during a boring class, I understand that there is a time and a place for texting.

Miss Manners: Dealing With Rude People

A big part of etiquette is knowing how to deal with rude people. Let’s face it, you can mind your manners all you want but there’ll always be that jerk that comes along and pushes you off the swing set anyway *cough-Ryan-M-from-first-grade-cough* So here are some quick guidelines of how to deal with the Ryans of this world:

Miss Manners: “Can I Have Yo Numba?”

I’m sure every sexy CC reader has gotten the awkward “Can I have yo numba?” from a not so appealing guy. While some of you are fine with flat out saying “No,” I’m looking to all the other ladies who decide to give up their numbers (or more...) “just to be polite.”

Jun 17, 2009

Miss Manners: Home-for-the-Summer House Rules

Ahh.. home sweet home. Or is it? Now that most of us are home for the summer, we’ve realized that the break’s over and the spontaneous nights of beer pong and the freedom to do who/what we like are gone. Funny how quickly it went from, “Our baby girl’s finally home from college. We’ve missed you so much!” to “Oh. You’re home? Run to the store for milk.”

Jun 12, 2009

The Weekly Wrap Up: We’re Ready to Party

Who loves Friday? We do, we do! The clock has officially struck 5 (for us, at least...sorry West Coast), the booze is officially in hand, and we're ready for the weekend! And, quite frankly, we deserve it. It's been a busy week around here and we are really effing tired.

Jun 10, 2009

Miss Manners: When Modern Technology Meets Modern Etiquette

These days, it seems like the etiquette rules of the past just can’t keep up with the changing face of communication. Now, I like my cell phone as much as the next person, but there are some things you just shouldn’t do with a phone…

Jun 3, 2009

Miss Manners: Airplane Etiquette

For those of you who spend their flights on iPods, reading, or trying desperately to occupy themselves while stuck in a metal tube for a few hours with a hundred strangers, there are a some rules you should observe. So, sit back, relax, and listen up. Here comes the airplane etiquette:

May 27, 2009

Miss Manners: How to Leave the Salon Unscratched

I always leave salons with bad hair cuts. (Although I must admit the last one was my fault- it should have tipped me off right away when I realized the hair stylist did not speak a word of English.) Anyway, last week reader Josie asked us to feature an article on hair-salon etiquette. Here's to you Josie..

May 13, 2009

Miss Manners: The DL on Weddings

One of my oldest childhood friends is getting married this Saturday and, quite frankly, I am horrified by the thought of attending his wedding. Not that I have anything against the lovebirds; on the contrary, I’m glad he’s happy. It’s just, well… I never know how to act at weddings. There are just too many unspoken rules, too many unanswered questions...

Apr 29, 2009

Miss Manners: “Give Me My Stuff Back!!”

So your friend borrowed your favorite sweater in Physics, promising she'd return it after class. But when the class let out, you were too busy copying notes to remind her to give it back. It's been two months now, and all your subtle hints about how you really hate people who borrow stuff *ahem ahem* is getting you blank stares.